10 Video Marketing Trends in 2020

Video Marketing TrendsDigital marketing in the past few years has changed the way of how consumers look into a product or a service a company has to offer. Video marketing has become one of the most engaging tools for digital marketing according to research.

Because it is quickly consumed and more interactive, anyone scrolling through their Facebook timeline or Instagram page can easily get insight into a brand and experience virtual windowshopping without having to walk on the streets. Best for people who’re extremely busy or extremely lazy (well, considering both ends of spectrum is important), video marketing is a vital approach for business growth now and a sure medium to generate better ROI for the investor.

So what are the hottest 10 video marketing trends in 2020? 

10 – Live Video

If your business doesn’t have to involve you getting in the video every time while you’re in your PJ’s, then going for a Live Video is a convenient and fool proof option to choose. The greatest perk with a Live Video is the authenticity it manifests about your business, which ultimately leads to gaining confidence and trust from your audience.

9 – Video Ads

Video ads are immensely beneficial as they are highly affordable and generate high ROI which is essential for business growth. Visual ads containing photos do not engage the audience at the level on which a motion ad can. More organisations can incorporate this ad campaign into platforms like YouTube and other internet websites where such content can be displayed.

8 – Autoplay Video Feature

Because of Facebook Watch, things have entirely changed for parties that essentially use video content as their main source of interaction with their audience. As you are streaming, relevant videos are next in the queue waiting to automatically stream.

7 – Vertical Video

Just like SnapChat and Instagram, you can make vertical videos like a story on digital platforms and add interactive texts with animation to draw attention from the target market. This trend lets you turn your ad into something more of a story making it more interesting.

6 – Silent and Short Clips

If you are watching a video on YouTube you probably would have seen those pop ups with a mini clip displayed for a few seconds. You can use this method and turn your ad into a teaser that will make your viewers wanting to see more. So, it’s an effective way to get more clicks.

5 – IGTV

Although this trend is quite new, the popularity it has gained in such a short time is impressive. Some Instagram businesses solely run on IGTV, giving themselves little TV channels on the internet.

4 – Google Search

Not all campaigns have to be on social media to make an effective online presence for business growth. If your website is popular and lucky enough to rank at the top of the Google Search Engine results, this feature is a highly effective way to get attention.

3 – Video Podcast

If you are an entrepreneur, having a video podcast is an amazing idea for your video marketing. It is best suitable for people who have business related to the services they can provide to their customers as an individual. So, if you want to attract more audience, this is the way to go.

2 – E-learning

This trend again speaks for the ones who are providing their services to their customers as individuals. Perfect for DIY doers and influencers, you get to create a virtual classroom of your own.

1 – SEO Friendly Videos

SEO is not limited to content writing, as you can apply it to multiple dimensions when it comes to digital marketing. So, making SEO friendly videos with the right captions and features will get you fast organic business growth.

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