2021 Video Marketing Trends

2021 Video Marketing Trends

We predict that video marketing will be more popular than ever in 2021, so here are the video marketing trends you need to know about.

In 2020, DreamCube Productions created more videos than ever before.

And that’s despite lockdown restrictions in Victoria stopping us from getting out and filming for a huge chunk of the year.

But it has been this pandemic-oriented climate that has fuelled business appetite for video marketing.

While we’ve had no choice but to stay apart, video has kept us in touch.

Through video calls, we’ve been able to work from home much as we would in the office and keep in touch with loved ones we were unable to see.

So, as video became the default medium for maintaining human connection, it has also become associated with a higher level of personal connection than ever before.

We are all much more comfortable in front of the camera too!

And while we look to enjoy something more like pre-COVID life in 2021 and beyond, old habits die hard. What became a necessity in 2020, will become a preference for video marketing trends.

So, with video more important than ever, and more video out there than ever before, how can you make your business stand out?


Keep up with the latest video marketing trends.

Here are 10 video marketing trends you need to hop on to stay ahead of the competition in 2021.

Shoppable Videos

Help customers find your products and services through shoppable videos that showcase your products and include direct links to purchase within the video.

As well as offering a more interesting way to showcase your products, they also shorten the customer journey.

Shoppable videos are a must for businesses selling online in 2021.


Soundless Social Videos

In public places, 69% of consumers watch videos with the sound off.

And social media platforms recognise this, which is why you’ll find that videos often start playing on mute by default.

So, if you’re not including captions on your social media videos, many will simply tune out.

The latest video marketing trends take this idea of appealing to muted viewers to another level: by creating caption-centric videos with no sound at all (except for background music).

Social Media Stories

Social media stories disappearing after 24 hours creates a sense of urgency for customers who might not otherwise interact with your posts to see what you have to say.

Creating engaging videos for your social stories will make viewers stop in their tracks and more likely to land on anything you include as a call to action in your story.


SEO Video Marketing Trends

Think about the questions prospects might ask when they come to you and make videos based on these questions.

To help get customers to you, be sure to include SEO keywords in the title and description of your video.


Vlogs have become some of the most popular video types on YouTube – and it’s easy to see why.

Video blogs allow the creator to build a deeper connection with viewers by highlighting their daily life and showing viewers what goes on behind the scenes.

For businesses and brands, vlogs build a deeper human connection that shorter, professional videos cannot.


Educational Videos

In an era of advertisement overload, it’s easy for viewers to tune out when they see yet another ad coming.

The solution: Create educational content that helps customers solve problems.

Educational videos provide real value, but they’re also a great advertisement for your brand as they keep you top of mind and the go-to when a prospective client or customer is looking for guidance on the problems you solve.


Video Testimonials

Video testimonials help potential customers make a purchase decision by letting them hear from satisfied customers or clients.

These days, such customer testimonials are essential to building a reputable business.  Your testimonial should cover every pain point a customer might have that leads them to look to your product or service.


“Less is More” Video Production

When it comes to video marketing, there is a time and place for high production values.

But when you prioritise style over substance, your viewers will eventually tune out.

Our smartphones have great cameras, so when inspiration strikes, don’t wait, press record.

Live Video Marketing Trends

Live videos – since they’re happening in real-time – are prioritised by social media algorithms, meaning your customers are much more likely to see a live video in their news feed.

Live-streamed videos can hook viewers for three times longer than pre-recorded videos and produce six times more interactions.

They’re also an extremely efficient way of creating video content. Live videos have the added content bonus in that they can be chopped up and re-uploaded in snippets later, so an hour on live could get you months worth of video content!

Interactive Video Marketing Trends

Interactive videos leverage the latest in video production technology to keep viewers active and engaged throughout your videos.

They allow viewers to “choose their own adventure” and see what they want to see, making it more likely they will stay watching your video.

You can also incorporate calls to action such as contact forms and download links within the video, making for a shorter and sweeter customer journey.


Set up a winning video marketing strategy in 2021

At DreamCube, we help businesses take video marketing to the next level.

If you’d like to learn more about which video marketing trends will work best for your business, or plan your 2021 marketing strategy with on-trend video marketing, contact us today.

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