3 Tips for Creating Powerful Testimonial Videos

As we mentioned in our latest blog  3 Reasons Why Video Testimonials are Important”, video testimonials are indispensable for companies. Besides the fact that video is the most powerful marketing tool, testimonials in video format are real and persuade sales messages with emotions. These benefits make video testimonials the strongest sales tool that doesn’t come directly from your sales team. More powerfully, they come straight from the mouth of satisfied customers. How great is that?!

If you are ready to step up and use this potent asset for your business, here are a few tips for getting them right:

1. Don’t Use a Script

Authenticity is fundamental for video testimonials and unfortunately, scripts kill the authenticity. Your customers are real people, therefore they connect with real people. It takes actor grade talent to deliver a script authentically and if you head down the path of hiring actors, your own business isn’t being truthful. Scripting will put your customers under stress, their nerves will skyrocket and the testimonials may end up doing more harm than good.

We don’t mean you shouldn’t do any preparation, you should be ready for filming and as we know, nerves can get the better of a lot of people once that small red light is flashing so, what we suggest is:

– (Pre filming) Create a guideline for your testimonials and share it with your customer before filming day. A guideline will help your customer relax about the whole situation as they will know what is coming.

– Provide some examples in your guideline so they can get a visual understanding of what is expected.

– Give them a cup of coffee. Just to get the brain ticking over!

– (Filming) Ask your customer relevant questions that align with the message you want to portray. This way it will be a conversational style, the customer will feel at ease and you can just choose the best parts. Win, win!

2. Create a Story

Customer testimonials are a great tool for building trust and credibility from delighted customers.

Generally, prospects have “concerns” about working with a company they don’t know, so target your testimonials to answer these concerns. For a video production business, one example might be something like “I had a major fear about how I would look on camera as I am rather shy, but “X Company” made it so easy, they provided a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere and it helped my best self shine through.” This way it answers a potential future objection a prospect may have.

This shouldn’t be a promo video for your business about products and services, it’s a story about your customer’s experience, so let them tell it their way but frame the questions so the questions that need answering, are answered. Create a journey that tracks their whole experience.

3. Less is more! Keep it Short.

In a social media dominated world, our attention span is shrinking by the week, so keep the video short – ideally between 45-60 seconds.

The first 10 seconds is the most important and determines the success of your video. This is all the time you have to hook your audience to keep them interested in watching til the end.

The start should be eye-catching with a powerful message, otherwise, there’s every chance your audience will disappear.

Once you implement these basic tips, you are ready to send it out to the world. Share the video testimonial on as many platforms you have access to, as you never know where your next high-ticket customer is going to appear. More eyes, the more power!

Enjoy your process and thank your customer!

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