5 Reasons You’re Struggling with Video Marketing

The popularity of videos is increasing by the day. Watching video content is not only more visually pleasing than reading text, it’s also a more time-efficient and straightforward way to digest information. That would be a part of the reason 15.7 million Aussies watch Video on Facebook, 13.4 million on YouTube and 7.8 million on Instagram in 2019. (Facebook Australia Video Consumption Report in 2019)

The numbers provide us key indicators of how VIDEO CONTENT is essential for businesses in today’s environment… if you’re looking to survive that is!

What we find is that most business owners know that it’s a necessary path to go down to market their business effectively, but face a few fears in getting started with the whole shebang of Video Marketing. If you’re one of them, this article is dedicated to you!

So, let’s have a look at five reasons why business owners are struggling with Video Marketing.

1 – Waiting for Perfection

Okay, you get it – video MUST be in your marketing plan. You’ve probably watched other brand videos to get some much-needed inspiration, but you end up more confused than before! What seems like bottomless budgets, high-level productions, frequent posting, hiring of seemingly professional actors, and they are incredible in front of the camera.

Naturally, you compare yourself to them; you don’t even like taking a photo. Even the thought of being in front of the camera makes your palms sweat. It all seems too hard, so you postpone and postpone and sit pretty in your comfort zone once again.

Sound familiar?

Waiting for the perfect moment to start the most perfect video is the issue. With Video Marketing it’s a case of opening the floodgates. Once you gain some momentum with it, ideas come thick and fast. But momentum only comes when you take ACTION. So rather than waiting on perfection, just do something to get you started.

Of course, everyone wants to look flawless in front of the camera, but it’s not about your ego, it’s about your business. And as the owner of the business, you should be knowledgeable enough to rattle off something of value that prospects will find helpful. Your business is your baby, so show it some love. Just be genuine. The idea is creating relationships with your prospects and strengthen them with your current clients. You can make some mistakes, but still, convey your message with power.

So, your first step; be BRAVE!

2 – Don’t know where to start?

Starting something new is always challenging, especially when it comes to creating an asset with your face all over it. So, where on earth can we start with this?!

Well, you need a bit of a strategy.

Firstly, be sure about your niche.

  • Who will the video be directed at?
  • What is your target market?
  • What are questions on their minds?

Secondly, clarify your marketing goals. But initially ask yourself, what is the purpose of the video? Getting more leads? Increase brand awareness? Sell a product?

Different videos are geared towards different results, so be clear on what your objectives are.

3- Which Video is best to start with?

The list of different types of video content would be pretty overwhelming for a newbie and may lead to you postponing until that “perfect moment”, or what is more likely, give up altogether.

So, make it easy, focus on:

  • Which content can solve your audience’s problem?
  • Which type of video gives the most value to your target audience?

Generally, there are two types of videos that all businesses should have and it’s an ideal starting point for any company wanting to achieve success with video.

Company Video:

This video showcases the story of your business. Not just what you do it, but how you do it, how you’re different and how you can help. Bring the viewer into your world and make a connection. Show them what you do and how you get it done. People buy from people, so humanise the brand by adding some personality.

Example: https://youtu.be/2y4q1BBehBY

Testimonial Video:

In a Company Video, you’re going to say all the right things and paint your business in the best light, duh, obviously… you’re the owner. But there’s always going to be sceptics out there that don’t believe you. However, when it comes from the mouth of a happy client in a Video Testimonial, your message is backed up by the best salesperson you’ll ever have, and that gives your Company Video credibility.

These two videos are a beautiful launching pad to blast off into Video Marketing orbit, because they work so well together.

4- Which Platform should I post my Video on?

The simple answer is… ALL OF THEM.

But let’s start with the homepage of your website.

Why the homepage?

As soon as any traffic enters your site it’s the first thing they see. Make it easy. Many visitors rarely go any further than the homepage of a website, so if the video is hiding out the back somewhere, chances are it won’t be found.

The second step is to post it to all social media channels. Content is King and “video content” sits on the head of regular content (if you know what I mean…), so post it on every single channel you have an account with. If you don’t have an account, create one! Some platforms like Instagram require a change in specs, so you should resize to suit. Posting in regular format is possible, but as Insta is often scrolled through on a mobile device, square video reigns supreme.

And what about sending video out to your database?

A stat fact reveals that including “video” in the subject line of an outgoing email can lead to an open rate increase of up to 20%.

5- Continuity

If you think one decent Video would be enough to achieve sustained success with video, you’re probably wrong. Whilst you can see strong results with one cleverly crafted video, if you don’t follow up by producing more content, the video success is likely to be a flash in the pan. As in all aspects of brand strategy, continuity is a key area of success for Video Marketing.

This is when the importance of a Video marketing plan shines through. If you know what kind of content your clients get massive amounts of value from, video creation won’t be the daunting beast that you once thought it was.

If you need some extra help, DreamCube is here for you.

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