6 Tips to Become an On-Camera Pro!

Video is nothing new in the digital marketing, but the ever-increasing popularity of video hosting mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and so forth have businesses paying attention like never before.

Being in front of a camera can be intimidating at first, and even the most experienced speaker can get nervous when a lens is pointed in their direction, but with the right amount skills, you will not only look like a natural, but you’ll also connect with your audience more effectively than ever.

Here are our top six tips for finding your mojo in front of the camera.



Talk in a natural and engaging tone. To best achieve this, go ahead and ditch the script. When you’re trying to engage an audience you don’t want to talk to them, you want to talk with them.

Rather than using a script, use an outline. Write down the main points you want to cover then speak from the heart. If you are passionate and truly believe in what you’re saying, the message will connect with the viewer. DO NOT MEMORIZE what you are going to say. Your eyes will start darting all over the place as you try to remember the words in the back of your head. Deliver an authentic message from the heart.



If you want to be believable, you need to eyeball the lens. When your eyes start flickering all over the shop, you can lose the viewers attention. It’s the same when having a face-to-face conversation with a friend. If you’re telling a story and the friends eyes start looking around to other parts of the room, you know that they’ve lost interest or aren’t connecting to your story. If you’re creating a video about you or your business and your eyes can’t stay still, you will seem untrustworthy and fail in connecting with your viewers.

But, even when you have mastered eyeballing the lens, please don’t forget to blink… unless looking creepy is your thing.



Make sure your hands aren’t balled up and your shoulders aren’t scrunched. If you’re feeling stiff, jump around, wave your arms about, do yoga or whatever it takes to loosen up. You’ll be surprised how much more of a natural you’ll be in front of the camera when you’re feeling loose.



Your outfit should be comfortable and something you know you look great in. If you are comfortable, then you will be confident.



But not too much. A grin from ear to ear is a bit much. A relaxed, comfortable smile is all that’s needed and it will improve your video massively. It lifts your face and your enthusiasm and helps put a twinkle in your eye.



Awesome personalities are infectious. There is no better way to look natural than conveying yours on screen. Have a little fun with it and let your personality shine through. Treat your time on screen as a fun adventure and not something to fear. And reap the benefits you will!


The truth is that being yourself is the magical key to being confident and engaging on camera. Visualise the camera as your best friend if it helps you feel more comfortable. But practice and practice some more until it feels as though the camera isn’t there.



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