Home Builders – Here’s How to Upgrade Your Video Marketing in 2021

Home Builders – Here’s How to Upgrade Your Video Marketing in 2021

After a challenging 2020, we’re looking to 2021 and what the future holds for video marketing.

And, according to the latest Cisco report, by 2021, 80% of all internet traffic will come from video content.

That’s up from only 67% just four years ago.

With visuals being a cornerstone of marketing a construction business, this seismic shift towards video content is something construction businesses can’t afford to miss.

But with this increase in the number of videos online, it’s getting harder to stand out. Simply having videos on your website and social media channels isn’t enough anymore. They need to be part of your marketing strategy and designed specifically to convert.

Here’s the key to creating a winning video marketing strategy in 2021.

Video Marketing Strategy in 2021 – Expert Positioning

home builders video marketing 2021The goal of marketing a construction business should be to position yourself as an industry expert – the “go-to” for advice for those with a question about home building.

Think of the questions prospects ask you and those nagging anxieties that cause them to come to you to put their mind at ease.

There should be a video for all of them!

When you can confidently help your viewers understand more about what you do, you begin to build trust.

Projecting your expertise throughbuilding construction video will take your business to the next level because it will create a legion of viewers who will watch your videos when they want to know about construction.

Behind the Scenes – Adding the Human Touch

Educational videos are essential but aren’t everything.

Think of marketing a construction business in terms of the customer journey: Your prospect has been watching your educational videos. Your videos have answered all their questions, alleviated their anxieties and they now see you as an industry expert.

The prospect is ready to take the next step and engage you for their home build, but before they do that, they need to know one more thing: What will it be like to work with you?

So, the other crucial building construction video that you need for marketing a construction business are videos that humanise your company and team.

Here’s a great example of what I mean.

We recently shot this video for Demardi, intending to get to know the team better.

The common denominator with these two kinds of building construction videos? 

They will save you time and money by moving customers along your sales funnel because they’ll know what to expect when they sign on the dotted line.

Thanks to building construction video marketing, you don’t have to take the time to show every prospect individually that you’re up to the task and that you’ll be great to work with – your videos are in the background doing that for you.

If you want to explore how you can harness video marketing for social media, fill out our discovery form and see if we are a good match for you and your business goals.

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