5 Different Instagram Video Sizes

So, let’s talk about Instagram Video.

Insta, once considered a “still image only” destination to showcase your happy snaps to the world, has made a significant shift towards supporting video in multiple ways. In general, video is HOT right now, especially in business. The wizards behind the Insta brand recognised this and boom, eventually creating their own TV Channel – IGTV, which is now a key cog in many businesses Marketing Strategies.

You’ll probably be thinking, “but WHY I should use Instagram in my Video Marketing Strategy?”


  • 1 BILLION people use Instagram every month.
  • 63% of Instagram users log in at least once per day
  • More than 500 million accounts use Instagram Stories every day. But most importantly:
  • 90% of accounts follow a BUSINESS on Instagram.

All these numbers are worldwide. So, what about Australia?

It’s all about the amount of eyes that this channel can get on your work. Instagram is still young, growing, and a commanding presence!

However, the rapid growth has seen many new options for video (Instagram Stories, Instagram Feeds, IGTV.. to name a few), so could be a little overwhelming for newbies. So here we provide a bit of clarity on the video formats best suited for the different areas of Insta:


Max Length: 60 seconds

Max File Size: 4 GB


  • Square video 1:1 600 x 600px
  • Portrait/Vertical video 4:9 600 x 750px
  • Landscape/Horizontal video 1.91:1 600 x 315px

Maximum Frame Rate: 30fps

Recommended specs: .MP4 or .MOV format.

For the complete list of format 


Min Length: 3 seconds

Max Video Lenght: 60 seconds

Style: Square video 1:1

Min Size: 600 x 600px

Recommended size: 1080 x 1080px

Min Number of Cards: 2

Max number of cards: 10

Maximum Frame Rate: 30fps

Recommended Specs: .MP4 or.MOV format

For the complete list of format 


Max Length: 15 seconds

Max File Size: 4GB

Supported aspects ratios: 16:9, 4:5, 9:16

Min Size: 600 x 1067px

Recommended Size: 1080 x 1920px

Recommended Specs: .MP4 or .MOV format

For the complete list of format 

If you want to create Instagram Story Ads, you should leave roughly 14% (250 Pixels) of top and bottom of the video free from text and logos to avoid covering these critical elements with the profile icon or call-to-action. So, if your video is 1080×1920, ensure key features appear within a 1080×1420 title-safe area. (Facebook)



Min Length: 15 seconds

Max Length: 10 mins

*Larger & verified accounts can upload videos up to 60 minutes long, but must use web browser for upload.

Orientation: Vertical 9:16

Recommended Size: 1080 x 1920px

File Size: Under 650 MB


Max Length: 60 mins

Max File Size: 4GB

Orientation: Vertical 9:16

Recommended Size: 1080 x 1920px

Maximum Frame Rate: 30fps

Recommended Specs: .MP4 or .MOV format

** if file size permits, always upload in the highest resolution possible.

Final thoughts;

For a successful Instagram Video strategy, you should understand your audience first so you can create valuable content.

We understand better than most how difficult making the first step into trying something new is, so we’re more than happy to have a chat and guide you through. But first, we’d just need you to fill out our Discovery Form so we can learn a little more about you. So, let’s grow together!

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