Real Estate Video: The Finest Marketing Strategy of the Modern World

The world of real estate has been extremely dependent on visual promotion. The best way to showcase a property to possible buyers is through imagistic tools. This is why many home listings come with photos of the integral rooms of the property. However, these days, nothing can beat marketing homes and apartments through the use of a short film. Real estate video benefits are undeniable.

Promotional videos for advertising a piece of property are gaining more and more momentum. On the other hand, many real estate agents still fail to exploit this alternative to their advantage. Many find contentment with just posting photos of the different rooms of the house to give possible buyers an idea of how the property looks like.

However, if you are an agent who is looking to increase the chances of selling a home, you may want to ditch the old uploading of photos and switch to a more beneficial real estate video. Here’s why you should make the change:

1.The Effect of Videos to Potential Purchasers

Real estate videos give viewers the feeling that they are physically touring the home even if they aren’t. The movement of the camera from one room to another or the zooming in on details take in the likely purchasers into experiencing the ambience of the property. This is something that people may not feel when they are just browsing through pictures.

2. Information Dissemination.

With videos, information about the home is expressed more smoothly as compared to marketing with photos. People actually see the definite flow of the house – how rooms are connected to one another and the spaces between these rooms. In addition, possible buyers also get an idea of what the size of the room is really like. They see in detail the various home features.

3. Statistics on the Success of Video Marketing.

The Australian Real Estate Group disclosed that listings with video promotions receive more than 400% more enquiries compared to listings with none. This speaks a lot about the effect of real estate videos to viewers. In addition, the probability of selling the house becomes much higher. If a real estate agent utilises such marketing strategy, more and more clients would hire the agency to help them sell their homes.

4. The Reach of Video Marketing.

There are various online platforms where real estate videos can be posted and are readily available for people to watch. If your real estate company website ranks well on Google and you include marketing videos of your listings, you have better chances in landing on the first page of the most popular online search engine. As a result, you become more visible to website users and your page lands more visitors. Ultimately, the more guests mean better chances at finding buyers for your clients’ homes.

5. Killing Two Birds with One Stone.

People use Google for two things: to be entertained or to find important information. By using videos for home listings you are killing two birds with one stone. You provide the person with the information needed while entertaining him or her with the video.

Given these benefits of real estate video for marketing, you, as an agent, should now seriously consider having one made to sell homes. Take this opportunity to rock the real estate scene in Melbourne with your very own marketing video.

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