Important Elements of a Successful Real Estate Video

Video is THE BEST tool to make a real estate listing stand out. Doing the right video production can provide possible buyers better perception of the property than simply just going through a series of photos. Simply put, a real estate video is the next best thing to an open house.

On the other hand, not all videos are successful in selling the listing. Some are more effective than others. If you want to have an ace real estate video listing that attracts a lot of prospective purchasers, there are significant elements that must be included in the production. These are the following:

Exceptional Listing Features

What makes the real estate property different from other listings? Whether it is as minor as a crown moulding or as extravagant as a backyard Jacuzzi, always include the most unique features in the video production.

These exceptional elements of the home make the promotional video you’re gunning for a whole lot richer. At the same time, it allows those having a squiz at the clip to picture themselves living in the property.


The most successful real estate video has something more than just showcasing the different rooms in the home. They have a narrative, a story to tell. In a video production for your listing, bear in mind about one significant factor. What will potential buyers feel when they live in the home?

Filming the different parts and details of the home can further catch potential buyers’ attention if they come with a voiceover. An agent narrating additional descriptions gives viewers more facets about the property. Simultaneously, if the story is formulated well, the video can transport them into the home and will get a grip on what it feels like to settle there.

De-Cluttered Space

The best real estate video production shows unique home qualities and tells a story through voiceovers. However, it also includes a basic factor that agents and owners should always remember, a de-cluttered space.

If there’s one thing a lot of possible home purchasers don’t like to see it is a space with too much stuff in it. This is why the videos that get a lot of enquiries are those that showcase tidy and well-lit properties.

Before the video production day, all the rooms should be de-cluttered and dusted.

Aerial Views

With the invention of video drones comes the increasing popularity of aerial shots for real estate ads. Today, merely adding the listing address is no longer enough. To get ahead of everyone else, film aerial views of the neighbourhood.

Apart from adding a sense of awe to your real estate video, drone shots basically provides prospective buyers the atmosphere in the community. By getting snaps of the amenities in the area through drone filming, people no longer have to do extra research about the location. You have simply spoon-fed them with it and many will surely appreciate this.


The most effective real estate video production always has an intro-outro element to it. The intro part of the clip includes a shot of the agent, who introduces himself or herself and the property. The opening, on the other hand, should be short, sharp and punchy.

The outro is similar to the opening salvo in the sense that it should also be short and sharp. It could simply be the agent thanking the viewers for taking the time to watch. However, the ending should always be able to entice the watchers for a call to action. After all, the main purpose of the video is to get someone to buy the listing.

Add a script that will make people pick up their phones or log in to their email to contact you for more enquiries. Therefore, always add your contact details to the video.

When making a real estate video listing, take these significant elements in mind and incorporate them. By doing so, you’re in for a successful property purchase.


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