How Real Estate Agents Grow Their Reputation Through Video Marketing

How Real Estate Agents Grow Their Reputation Through Video Marketing

There’s no doubting the importance of image in real estate.  And your personal brand, captured through real estate video, lies at the very heart of the way you do this.

After all, before you get the chance to sell a property, you need to have sold yourself.

Real estate agents need to be seen as a trustworthy industry authority, and to achieve this, presentation is everything.

Real estate video marketing offers you the opportunity to make your presentation count.

But the question we are often asked is where to start with real estate video marketing?

Of course, there are the basics: walkthrough tours of the house, aerial drone shots and footage that shows what the neighbourhood has to offer.

These are essential aspects of a real estate video marketing package, but if you want to stand out from the crowd and grow your reputation, there are different kinds of videos worth considering that will continue to provide clients with value long after the property is sold.

Here are just a few.

A Day in the Life using Real Estate Video

A Vlog-style ‘”day-in-the-life” real estate video gives potential clients a transparent and accessible look into how you go about your day-to-day business. While they can be a little longer than your typical advertising video, they provide an unparalleled human touch to the kind of service you provide.

Real Estate Agent Intro Videos

Intro Videos can easily fall into the “not worth your time” category, which we often find they are.

An average real estate agent intro video offers nothing but a generic insight into the business that not even considerable production values could make interesting.

However, a good real estate agent intro video helps people get to know you on a more intimate level – something it’s difficult to put down on paper.

Here is an excellent example from NGU where they show us how their agents are more than just cogs in the sales machine.

This one from Gavin Rubenstein takes a left-of-centre approach  but is powerful nonetheless as it showcases exceptionally well who Gavin is.

Behind the Scenes

When vendors are choosing a real estate agent to sell their property, the nagging question that keeps them up at night is how smooth the sale process will be.

So, why not show them everything from listing to selling?

You could include:

  • Discussions with the vendors.
  • A time lapse of the days going by while the property is on the market – this adds a great visual element.
  • The open for inspection.
  • An in-depth look at auction day from the agent and vendor’s points of view.

A behind-the-scenes real estate video adds deeper and more personal insight into your process, giving potential vendors the peace of mind of knowing what they’re going to get when they sell with you, which is often all they need to sign on the dotted line.

The Owner’s Story Using Real Estate Video Marketing

Whenever celebrities from sporting stars to media personalities buy or sell a property, it  gets  attention.

And with such sales, the story behind the house is often front and centre.

That’s precisely why every real estate agent should take a page out of the agent-to-the-stars playbook – that every house has a story worth telling and that the best person to tell it is the person actually living there.

This is the most authentic way to give your buyers confidence in the property.

What’s more, there’s no better way for you to show your audience that you genuinely care about your clients than by letting them take centre stage. And given there is something great to say about every property – even a renovator’s delight invokes countless happy memories – whatever good things the current owners say, it will come across as  more authentic coming direct from the vendor.

How to Get Started With Real Estate Video Marketing

Now you know something about the kinds of videos you could be making, some may think it’s as simple as taking out a camera and pressing record!

But so you can focus on selling properties, which is what you do best, reach out to us so we can show you what DreamCube does best – create professional videos that help build your personal brand.

Get in contact with us today.

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