Real Estate Video Production Tutorial for Amateurs

Would you like to try your hand at real estate video production for your home? If you feel creative enough, you might be able to pull off making your own video for marketing your property.

Real estate videos are exceptionally beneficial if you are trying to sell your home. Statistics show that listings with video get more queries compared to those that just use photos. If you want to try doing some real estate video production but don’t know where to start and how to do it, here are some things you may want to consider.

Plan Ahead – Real Estate Video Production for Amateurs

Before getting your camera and shooting your house, you must first have a plan. What are the best parts of the house? Does it have ornate details that are worth showing? You will most likely show every room in your home. However, knowing the best rooms of your property will allow you to prioritise them. Showcasing ornate details of the property will also give your video that extra something. Important tip: Clean and de-clutter your home fully before doing real estate video production.

Zoom In on Details – Real Estate Video Production for Amateurs

One important tip you must learn when making a video for your home listing is to highlight details. Do this especially if the decorations are ornate and somewhat distinctive. For instance, the carvings on a staircase give the home an eccentric vibe. From a zoomed out view of the entire corridor where the staircase is, slowly zoom in to the details you want to highlight.

Home Size

Provide viewers with information as to the actual size of the rooms. This is when a zoomed out shot is helpful. By dragging your camera across the living room or the dining area, you are providing your prospective buyer with the definite area of the room.


Whatever type of camera you are using, make sure that it will yield a high resolution video. Your marketing film will not receive positive feedback if its pixelated. Furthermore, it will just annoy the viewer and would spell less chances of your property getting purchased.

Walk Through Strategy

The most successful way of marketing your property to the public is to let them feel as if they are really walking through every part of the home. This is why fluidity and continuity is important. Make sure that your video has smooth transitions from one room to another or one detail to another.


Finding the right kind of music to fit along with your video is not a top priority but important, nonetheless. You may want to stay away from pop music or any that has singing in it. Instrumental music is your best bet on this one. There is also mood music you can find that could suit the theme of your home well.

Real estate video production can be quite challenging. If and when you opt out of making your own video for marketing, you can always hire a pro to do the job. You can contact us at DreamCube and we can help you out with your very own real estate video.

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