What to Do Prior to Real Estate Video Production: Tips for Homeowners

The right marketing strategy helps immensely, whether you are trying to rent out or sell your property. Real estate video production is one of the most successful strategies in this area especially in Melbourne. These days, moving pictures draw more attention than actual stills of a home. This is why the film approach is gaining more momentum.

With such an advantage, as a homeowner, you should take benefit from real estate video production. Nonetheless, there are certain factors you should consider prior to shooting the property ad.

As a producer, the production company is responsible for doing all technological enhancements possible to create a more than appealing real estate video. However, as an owner, you have the equal responsibility to carry out all non-technological aspects to get the maximum chance of your home being sold or rented. Here are the basic but most beneficial ways for you to increase your property’s selling chance:

Dust Off

You read it right! A key to stellar real estate promotional video depends on how clean your property is. Although video producers can augment the clip with HD features and other advancements, a nasty-looking home is always difficult to market. Prior to the filming of the promo vid, do give your house a good clean. Dust off every inch of the house especially the areas you most want to be showcased. Wipe kitchen counters off of food residue and be sure glass ornaments are squeaky clean.

Clean Sheets

One of the most inviting spaces for house hunters is the bedroom. If you are still living in the home you are trying to sell, replace the sheets and pillowcases with clean ones the morning before the shoot. Think of it this way, when you are booking a hotel accommodation, will you be thrilled if you arrive at the room with sheets all crinkled and horrid? If the answer is no, then you should consider this tip when presenting your place for a real estate video production.


An engaging home up for selling should be more than just clean. It should also be clear of unnecessary decorations. This means that if you have any personal photos hanging on your walls or framed on top of tables and cabinets, keep them just until the filming is done. Also, you may want to take out papers stuck on your refrigerator’s door.

Spotless Bathroom

A home’s lavatory is another important aspect when showcasing your property to the public. How your bathroom looks says so much about the kind of care you have put in the house. Therefore, when you are planning on a real estate video production to sell it, you have to be certain this particular room is spotless. Again, if you are still living in the house until someone purchases it, get rid of the dirt and grime off the tiles on the day of the shooting. Glass dividers should be wiped off to avoid moisture fogging on them. Take out any hair residue sticking on the bathroom floor and replace old towels with clean ones.

Showcasing your home in a real estate video production is something you should consider when selling or renting it out. At the same time, doing your part can make the advertisement even more rewarding and may just seal your home’s fate into finding its new owners.

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