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Real Estate Video Services


Why Use Real Estate Video ?

There is an abundance of statistics out there that support the fact that video marketing in the real estate industry brings more home buyers through the doors at open for inspections. This in-turn creates an increased amount of bidders at auction which assists the vendors achieving a fantastic result price wise. For agents - the major benefit is growing your own personal brand so it builds trust with potential vendors, therefore improving the amount of listings. Videos can be viewed at anytime of the day, 7 days per week. So as you relax on the couch after hours sipping on a glass of red with friends or family, future vendors could be viewing your videos online. The more you are seen, you become more personable, trusted and are much more approachable for vendors who are looking to sell their most prized possession.  


Showcase Your Listings with DreamCube Real Estate Video Services

Property Profiles have fast become the most popular form of content for agents to use to promote not just the listing itself, but to also gain personal exposure. And exposure goes a long long way in such a competitive industry. However, the question needs to be asked... Why aren't more agents looking to maximise their potential to improve their listing numbers by using video as part of the marketing campaign? The statistics are everywhere supporting that video does enhance overall numbers and we are here to help you achieve this. Some of the statistics are here below:

89% of home shoppers use the internet to search for a real estate agent.

85% of buyers and sellers prefer to work with an agent who uses video as part of the marketing campaign.

Only 14% of agents use Property Profile videos, so there's potential to stand out!

Homes listed with videos achieve more than 4X the inquiries than homes listed without video.

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