Construction Video Production

Construction Video Production

Creating a marketing video for businesses within the construction industry can be a challenge. To be successful, they must take a collaborative approach and build trust with distributors, developers, and contractors.

The construction industry is also highly visual. Clients want to see evidence of successful prior projects while others might want a concept video for a new project. Video is a diverse medium, appealing to a wide audience of construction stakeholders. Video also builds trust, because it shows that a business can not only talk the talk but walk the walk.

With that said, let’s take a look at five ways that videos can be used to market a construction business.

Brand Stories

Brand story videos hosted on the company website serve as the virtual shop front to a construction business. Often, they are the first point of contact for a potential client who is seeking to answer these questions:

Brand story videos hosted on the company website serve as the virtual shopfront to a construction business. Often, they are the first point of contact for a potential client who is seeking to answer these questions:

  • What is the business about? Why do they exist and how do they achieve success?
  • Does the business have a personality? In other words, does it have sound culture, goals and values?
  • Does it have broad industry knowledge and confidence in what it does?
  • What do past clients say about its work? Does it approach projects in a collaborative and transparent manner?

Testimonial videos

There is no greater measure of success and reliability than the inclusion of positive testimonial videos. Testimonials can help provide engaging marketing for construction companies as clients place high importance on word-of-mouth advertising and positive prior reviews. In fact, PR agency Sutherland Weston found that 90% of clients are influenced to make purchasing decisions after having watched video testimonials.

Testimonial videos build trust and speak volumes about what a particular company is like to work with. Clients will want to know that the company produces a high-quality product. They’ll also want assurances that it can deliver under pressure when faced with tight budgets and construction deadlines.

Process videos

Process videos are important because they create transparency, which is defined as the ability of processes to be communicated and understood by stakeholders, clients, suppliers, and contractors alike. At its core, transparency is about collaborative project management. It seeks to ensure that key project information is available to all stakeholders, regardless of their position or role within a project.

Process videos can be used in a variety of situations that require collaboration and visibility within a project. They also improve productivity and safety, because the most common problems in a given process are identified and then mitigated against before they occur. This leads to better decision making, increased safety, and higher quality work.

Walkthrough videos

Walkthrough videos serve a few different purposes. They can be used in conjunction with brand stories to communicate particular building methods, highlighting how the business innovated or overcame challenges.

Other walkthrough videos can be produced while a build is in progress. In the event of repairs or changes to project scope, these videos give businesses an efficient and cost-effective means of relocating important services such as electricity and plumbing.

Safety training videos

It is hard to imagine an industry that takes safety training more seriously than the building industry. But with the increased focus on safety, there also comes an associated increase in cost. While businesses have no choice but to absorb some industry training – such as white card certification and renewal – company specific training can usually be enhanced with video.

First, video is more engaging to employees – making them much more likely absorb the training effectively. Safety training videos are also more cost-effective to produce and lessen the learning curve associated with developing new skills.

The before and after videos

People love to see a good transformation. That’s why shows like The Block are so popular.
Crafting high-quality before and after videos is a great way to showcase your work and demonstrate your expertise.

It also humanises your brand and allows viewers to better connect with you and your team.

Lastly, it can help potential customers visualise how you could transform their property and enhance their lives. 

Construction companies operate in a large and diverse market that is also highly competitive. Those who choose to ignore construction marketing video in their operations will be left behind.

It is trust that ultimately drives business to consumer and business to business relationships. Building construction videos must be utilised in every facet of business operations – from marketing via brand stories to delivering the finished product. These videos also improve the efficacy of safety training and create collaborative and transparent businesses that thrive.

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Why is Construction Video Production Important?

When it comes to marketing for construction companies, trust is essential. And the quickest and easiest way to build trust is through video! Construction Video production tells your potential customers you can do the job as well as you say you can. They also help drive traffic to your website and social media channels. Whether you want to showcase a build from start to finish, help the world get to know you or share your expertise, video marketing is the best way to do it.

How much does it cost?

Video production is a long-term investment rather than a short-term win. The investment cost is a combination of the scale of your project and the value of the product. To ensure that your money spent is exactly that, an investment, we take our time to discover what your goals are, strategize, then develop a plan that will drive your business forward with video. Every video production is different when it comes to pricing and we do everything we can to exceed your expectations

How involved will I need to be?

You can be involved a little or a lot, it’s totally up to you. At DreamCube Productions, we love working closely with clients to ensure that we can produce the best videos possible. This means you can help with everything from planning and brainstorming ideas, to editing and producing the final product.

Will my video be high-quality?

Yes, all of our marketing videos for construction businesses are produced in high-quality. So not only will you have a fantastic piece of content to share with customers across multiple platforms, but it will also look great.

Will filming disrupt our worksites?

Filming doesn’t need to disrupt your worksite. We can capture content in a way that doesn’t not interface with workers so you don’t have to worry about costly delays getting in the way of your day. We pride ourselves on quick turnaround times and working in a way that suits your schedule.


APC Build

Chris is an exceptionally talented man!

He is easy to work with, and is able to adjust his schedule and work with both us and the architects to achieve the look and feel we both envisioned.

We have working with Chris many times and we are very happy with his service and will definitely be using DreamCube Productions again in the future.

Mavben Custom Constructions

We are a local builder that has engaged DreamCube to do all our photography and video work.

We’ve worked together on a couple of projects, and the video quality and transformations that he can achieve are absolutely amazing. He’s always very patient, even when I’m trying to do my best to be an actor in the video.

They’re an all-round great company to work with if you’re a builder or developer looking to showcase your work in this industry.

Michael Chadwick

Chris and his team at Dreamcube productions documented a short film of a completed architectural home we designed in Brunswick, Victoria. As part of the project, Chris conducted an interview with the home owners about their experience during the design and construction stages and he helped them immediately feel at ease with his friendly demeanour and professional approach. The final edit of the film was terrific, capturing the architectural quality of the building and interiors and telling the story of the design of the home to the viewer.

Hi creative team are both knowledgeable and reliable – I would recommend Dreamcube productions without hesitation.

Omar Ibrahim

Dreamcube not only met but exceeded all of my expectations. Chris was a pleasure to work with. He waited around for hours for the rain to stop to capture the perfect video. It was my first time shooting a promotional clip and Chris really helped me to feel at ease, he coached me through the process and captured the project perfectly. I have received countless compliments on the clip. Highly recommend Chris and the team.

Check out one of our projects.

Dawn Rieniets

Completely professional, polished video and it was incredibly easy to work with Chris. He’s a creative genius and we loved the entire process. And so do our clients!!

I highly recommend Dreamcube.

Vivienne Ngau

Chris is one of the best videographers I’ve worked with. He is creative, attentive, and quick in his delivery. I have worked with him numerous times before and will continue to work with him in the future thanks to the outstanding quality of work he provides. Highly recommend everybody works with Chris, you won’t regret it!

Jarrod Sheridan

DreamCube has provided our company with professional material, that has been critical in our social media marketing. Chris is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with DreamCube again in the future.

Check out Sheridan Building’s Case Study.

Rebecca Bishop

What a wonderful and true partnership we experience working with Chris and Sera. at DreamCube Productions. From our first meeting, they created an atmosphere where I felt comfortable and at ease. I loved how they teased information out of me and really got to know me as a person and my business and what we are all about so that they could specifically tailor our videos to our needs and help us to achieve our goals as to how we want to portray our business and ourselves in our industry and to our audience.

Chris and Sera are very professional, but also super fun and creative and have a warmth and joy about them that is infectious. They are definitely my kind of humans.

Our customers enjoyed participating in a video testimonial with Chris and Sera and were made to feel very comfortable in doing something they are certainly not used to doing.

We are so grateful to have connected with DreamCube and look forward to a long, successful and fun relationship together.

Sherry McMillan
If you’re looking for a company that will elevate your brand and make working with them fun and effortless then you have come to right place. DreamCube are experts when it comes to sharing the story behind your brand in a real and authentic way. We absolutely loved working with Chris and the team who were so down to earth, honest and professional.
James Giordano

We engaged Chris and Sera for some videos for our marketing, they made the whole process easy and the quality of work was amazing. Thanks again guys.

Masta Scaffold Melbourne

We are so happy with the videos created. The service, knowledge and care provided by Chris and Sera was first class.

The process was made super easy with in depth conversations to understand our business and what makes us tick and steps to break down our specific needs.

The relax environment during filming and conversational format took away the fear and anxiousness of being in front of a camera.

On top of the filming process Chris and Sera provided ideas for maximising the use of videos on other platforms.

Lowe Design & Build
We’ve worked with Chris at DreamCube on quite a few projects over the past few years. From drone imagery, property videos and video testimonials, the results are always fabulous and he is so easy to work with.
Highly recommend DreamCube for your next project.
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