Content Video Production

What is a content video?

If you need to deliver useful content to your current or potential clients or employees, then a content video is the best option.

Content videos should be created in such a way that they provide value to the viewer. You might use them to support your brand image or inform customers of your products and services.

Alternatively, you might use them internally for training purposes or to communicate with your employees in an inspirational fashion.

Whatever your intended audience, note that there has been a clear shift to video content. People simply prefer to watch content over reading it, for example.

What are some of the benefits of content videos?

Content videos break down barriers. They are an effective way of building trust with potential customers, helping them overcome their natural fear or skepticism.

This has the added benefit of increasing conversion rates. A well-informed buyer is a confident buyer, after all!

Video content is also beneficial to your bottom line. Custom videos that address common problems save you employing large customer care teams.

We have already noted that people prefer watching video content. Use this to your advantage by delivering staff training in video format. This increases the odds that they’ll stay engaged for the duration and really absorb what you are trying to teach them.

Remove common obstacles
Most prospects face some sort of inertia before opening their wallet. Video content clears the path for a client to make a buying decision. This is a smart use of resources, since your sales department has more time to devote to building strong, lasting client relationships.
Provide value by informing and educating
Audiences are naturally sceptical of free content. They expect to be bombarded with a sales message at any moment. But content videos are different, their sole purpose is to educate and inform. Most importantly, they let the world know that your business is not just obsessed with making money.
Informed customers are more likely to buy
Knowledge, as they say, is power. Customers who are aware of your products or services (and how they can benefit from them) don’t sit on the fence for long.They usually have some pain point or problem that they need to solve, and they’re motivated to solve it. Content videos move your customer through this process more quickly by encouraging them to click the buy button.
Research and then target specific demographics
Content videos should never address everyone. In appearing too generic, you run the risk of misidentifying your customer paint points and as a result, how you can solve them. Do your due diligence with regard to specific demographics before you begin making video content.
Build trust and credibility
Your business is not just selling a product. You are also selling your customers on why your company is the most suited to helping them. Brand image, business credibility and reputation are all crucial determining factors in whether a consumer does business with you. But thankfully, these can all be addressed by delivering informative, helpful content videos.
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