Property Video Production

Property Video Production

DreamCube Productions is a video production company that focuses solely on providing video solutions that bring in results.

Filming property is an area where we really come into our element. It’s not just about capturing the property, it’s more than that. We produce property video with a combination of dynamic cinematography and editing meets visual storytelling, keeping it modern and fresh.

Making buyers feel connected to the home is the aim of the game. If they’re not connected, they’re not buying.

Your property is special and deserves the time it takes to get the video 100% right. We don’t restrict ourselves to a time limit on-site, we take as long as we need to take to get the best result. It’s the same story with the overall length.

We also say it like it is. We love hearing your own thoughts and ideas, but if we don’t think it’s the best option we will speak up and offer advice and direction. But what is important, is that we all want the same outcome… a beautifully crafted, modern property showpiece that shines a light on the property so it stands out from the rest.

As a leading company in real estate videography both on the ground and aerial, we have the best gadgets to not only get the job done to a high standard, but to raise the bar so your property is seen, and remembered.

If you’re a real estate agent or a property developer and you want to connect your property to as many eyes as possible… let’s get creative!

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