Real Estate Drone Videography

Real Estate Drone Videography

We can capture the beauty of your space with real estate drone videography. DreamCube Productions is a Melbourne-based videography company that specialises in creating unique and engaging visual content. Our team prides itself on working closely with clients to produce the highest quality videos possible.
Want to make your real estate listings stand out from the rest? Speak to us about our drone videography services.

Why use drone videography for real estate?

Videographers can use drone equipment to capture video for all kinds of properties. This includes residential and commercial estates, along with large blocks of land. So whether you want to showcase a suburban home, a large-scale warehouse or even unused land for development, we can create a great user experience through quality video footage.

What types of properties can drone videos be used for?

Drones are fast becoming one of the best tools that videographers have in their arsenal. When used to showcase real estate listings and large sites, they offer a number of benefits:

Capture engaging aerial images and video footage
Highlight key property features to help prospective buyers
Establish yourself at the forefront of the industry
Open up a brand new market of international customers by allowing digital ‘open houses

Speak to us about drone and aerial videography in Melbourne

Get in touch today if you’d like to find out more about our drone and aerial photography services for real estate. DreamCube Productions is based in Melbourne and offers a standout level of service to clients.


How much does drone videography cost?

Drone footage is included in our premium package in conjunction with gimbal footage. However, if you require custom drone service outside of our premium package, we can put together a custom solution. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team to get a quote or to find out more.

Where can drone videography be done in Melbourne?

We can help with drone videography anywhere across Melbourne. As a respected and trusted videography company, customers look to us with complete confidence for all their projects. We specialise in real estate videos and our team prides itself on providing top-tier results. Keep in mind that drove videography can only be performed with the appropriate permits.

How long does drone videography take? 

To capture footage for a real estate video, it can take anywhere from an hour to several hours. More time may be required for larger jobs, and depending on the weather, rescheduling may be necessary. Our experienced team is always happy to chat so feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have.

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