Real Estate Video Production


While photos are a given for real estate marketing, video can take your listing or agency to the next level. Adding content videos to your marketing material can increase the click through and conversion rate. They can also drive more organic traffic and generate more social shares than image and text posts.

Whether you want to highlight the expansive acreage of a highly sought after property through real estate drone videography or showcase your team of qualified investment property agents with a commercial real estate company video; implementing this strategy on your website, or for listings and marketing strategies, can mean quicker sales and more interest in your real estate company. 

Making buyers feel connected to the home is the aim of the game. If they’re not connected, they’re not buying.

Commercial real estate video and more

At DreamCube Productions, we can help with all your video production needs. Look to us for help with commercial real estate videos, residential real estate videos, and videos for entire blocks of land. Our team uses the best equipment to ensure that you get standout results. Not sure where to start? Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll happily answer your questions.

The benefits of drone real estate videography

Did you know that DreamCube Productions uses drones to capture high-quality real estate video footage? This puts us at the front of industry practice, offering clients an unrivaled level of quality when it comes to visual content. Not only do drones provide an amazing view of the entire space, but they also allow you to show off key property features.


At DreamCube, filming property is an area where we really come into our element. It’s not just about capturing the property, it’s more than that. We produce property video with a combination of dynamic cinematography and editing meets visual storytelling, keeping it modern and fresh.

We all want the same outcomea beautifully crafted, modern property showpiece that shines a light on the property so it stands out from the rest. That’s why we do everything we can to capture a video that truly speaks to potential buyers. From strategy to filming, our team has it covered.

As a leading company in real estate videography both on the ground and aerial. We have the best gadgets to not only get the job done to a high standard, but to raise the bar so your property is seen, remembered and ultimately – SOLD.

If you’re a real estate agent or a property developer and you want to connect your property to as many eyes as possible, we can help you achieve just that!

Capturing some of the finest properties Melbourne has to offer, our experience spans across a range of real estate. 

Check out some of our best work below and pull inspiration for what we can accomplish together.

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