Visual Storytelling

Stories have always been a natural form of communication. But why tell it, when you can show it?

Visual Storytelling

As social beings, people love to tell stories. From the time cavemen sat around campfires and told stories of a fishing trip gone wrong to the modern-day platform that is digital and social media, it’s stories that connect us to one another. But in the business world, why do so many avoid sharing the story of why they exist?

For too long, brands have been caught up in sales, data, facts and figures that they have forgotten to create an experience that moves people into action. To immerse them into your story. To engage and remember. This is visual storytelling.

Visual storytelling advertising allows you to create a powerful, empathetic message through video content. By simply sharing your brand‘s story, you can open the door to people’s imagination and plant your message inside their minds, without them even realising.

Some Of Our favourite Visual Storytelling Stories

Our Visual Storytelling Process

Visual storytelling is the key to creating meaningful emotional connections and reaching new audiences.


Every successful video needs to begin with a clear objective. How do we track it’s success if we don’t have a clear goal in mind from the outset? If you are unsure, we can work with you to figure them out and put the steps in place to achieve them.


Now that we have your “what”, we need to discover your “who”. In simple terms, who is your target audience and how do you want to make them feel from watching your story? Once we’ve identified this, we will understand the action your audience needs to take after watching your video


Now we need to plan the steps in order for the production to reach your objectives. There may be instances where it may require multiple stories or videos to be suitable and/or adaptable for the different platforms. We will also map out a step by step strategy for distribution.


This is the time to lay out a message that will differentiate you from the competition. We are strong believers in authentic delivery, so whenever possible we avoid scripting. Your message deserves much more than that and we have found that asking the right questions at the right moments, allow us to pull the gold nuggets of information required for a memorable and impactful story.


Now the fun starts by putting all the pieces of the storytelling puzzle together and bring it to life. You won’t be dumped with the video and wished “good luck”, we’ll be with you to ensure your videos are successful in reaching your goals.
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