Tips for Making Dynamic Promo Videos

Video. Is. Awesome!

It’s 2018 and it has never been a more powerful marketing tool than right now, and it’s only going to grow. Whether your business is big or small, video can take you to the next level. For the savvy marketer, this tool has become the go-to option. Video shows, video explains, video keeps attention and video creates trust. There has been no better time than now to jump on the visual bandwagon, and when done right, your business will go from strength to strength.. and that’s FUN! We’ve put together some tips to assist you in creating a memorable video production.

Make Sure It’s Relevant

Great video isn’t about you, it’s about your audience. Your content needs to be engaging and about a topic that your audience cares about. Video that purely spruiks your services is not content with the viewers perspective front of mind. It’s like being at a party and chatting with someone who continually interrupts your story to talk about themselves, it quickly becomes boring. You need to research and dig into your audiences dreams, desires and problems and shoot an engaging video that promotes this and provides a solution to the problem.

Keep It As Short As Possible (but don’t lose your message)

Today people are hungry for information, but they want it fast. Attention spans are at an all-time low so viewers would much prefer watching a 1-2 minute (or less) video rather than reading 20 minutes of text. So create short, engaging content that is easy and fun to watch from start to finish. Aim to get your message across in an efficient manner (no rambling).

Shoot Plenty of B-Roll

What is B-Roll? B-Roll is additional footage you can use to cut on top of your main angle. A single shot of a talking head will bore the pants off anybody and your message will get lost. B-Roll is an integral part of telling your story. It makes all the difference! It serves many purposes: it makes the video more interesting, it makes a point, it leads the viewer in a certain direction and is much more visually pleasing to the eye. As long as the B-Roll footage is synched with the storyline, you’re golden!

Don’t be Boring!

If you find yourself feeling bored and uninspired in the pre-production process and you’re unsure if the content is going to be engaging to the viewer, strip it back and start again. Video needs to excite you AND the audience. And if it’s not exciting you before filming, then end product certainly won’t either. Try and be different without being cheesy. Once uploaded online it ain’t coming back, and it can work in one of two ways: be memorable or forgettable. Create exciting and inspiring videos that can never be considered boring.

Don’t use Distracting Backgrounds

This is a pretty simple one but often overlooked. When filming in a busy public place the viewer’s eye can quickly catch attention elsewhere in the frame and the message is lost. There can also be ambient noise issues. Similarly, if shooting in front of a green screen, use a nice simple backdrop rather than an image that has a lot of movement. Green screen footage can date very quickly also.
Best option – A large open space. It will enable you to film from multiple angles and also add some nice depth and blur to your shots and dull out any distractions in the background.

Include a Call To Action

A call to action is the action you want the viewer to take after watching the video. It’s a crucial part of video marketing as the video itself is only at the start of the sales funnel. The CTA can be as simple as “Watch Another Video”. This invites them to take a deeper dive with more directed content about your product or service. Drive the prospects through the buying process with strategic videos lined up in a content journey.

Video advertising has become the easiest way to spread your brand across the globe. Doing it right requires creativity, research and knowledge of the desires your target audience craves. Create a video that gets people talking, and the potential return on investment is super lucrative.


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