Video Production Melbourne: How To Choose A Video Production Company 

Video Production Melbourne: How To Choose A Video Production Company 

Are you looking for ways to make more sales?

Or maybe launching an exciting new product?

Do you want to let the world know you’re open for business?

And what about a strategy to grow your brand?

Video can help you achieve all those goals and more!

But not all videos are created equal. Too many businesses get stuck with a lackluster video that won’t get the results they need.


Because they ignored some crucial red flags when choosing a video production company to help them achieve their goals.

Here’s what you need to look out for when choosing a video production company. If you see any of these, run!

Video Production Melbourne: Red Flags to Look Out For

Price comes up straight away

The question, “How much does it cost to create a corporate video?” is on everyone’s lips when they go to hire a video production company.

And understandably so, as understanding the costs straight away brings peace of mind and certainty to the process.

But getting the price from a video production company before they have a solid understanding of your video requirements is a curse in disguise.

This is because it generally means they offer a ‘cookie-cutter service’, which means they are putting their own constraints on your work. This video production cost approach could lead to the final product not reflecting your business’s unique needs.

So, when engaging a video production company Melbourne, make sure you are very clear on what you want to achieve with the videos, with any quote given to you only coming from a thorough understanding of your business, goals and video production needs.

Still anxious about price? Don’t worry! At DreamCube , we tailor our video productions services to meet any budget.

No testimonial videos

Testimonial videos are something no video production company should be without.

Not only do they give the social proof that a previous client has had success with that video production company, but they will also give you valuable insight into the quality of their service as a whole.

After all, they would film these testimonials themselves, and if they don’t, that’s another red flag!

Here’s what to look out for in a good testimonial video. 

No examples of previous client work on their website

Showcasing client work on a video production company website is essential.

How is it possible to see the production quality you should expect from them without any details about their previous work?

No clarity on the video production Melbourne process

What is the video production process?

Part of any good video production company is a process that guides their video production, giving clients clarity on their projects.

If you are left guessing by a video production company’s process, that uncertainty will show in the result.

What does video production include? 

DreamCube’s 4-step production process breaks down every aspect of video production, helping our clients understand the journey from the initial stages of planning to the finished product.

Accepts the brief straight away

How do you plan a corporate video?

A video production company worth the money should always review your brief before accepting it.

This is because you should not only be paying for video production but also a video marketer who will help your business reach its goals through video.

Video that does not have a clear purpose

Video production companies should have a sound knowledge of what video will do for your business.

And with that knowledge, they should make sure every video they recommend has a clear purpose behind it around what you want the videos to achieve.

Hidden Costs

As previously noted, a video production company should fully understand your business’s needs before coming to you with a price.

If the final price is subject to change, this should be discussed in the initial stages of negotiating the brief. This will mean that price changes that then might occur don’t crop up as hidden costs.

Bottom line: Price shocks should generally not occur if the video production company is initially upfront about their costs.

Do a little bit of everything

To be upfront, trying to do a little bit of everything is something most video production companies have been guilty of at one time or another.

But you don’t want a jack of all trades who is a master of none!

When choosing a video production company, businesses should look to someone who has specific experience in the industry or sector they operate in or the type of video they need.

DreamCube specialises in corporate video production, with a  strong reputation and broad experience across real estate video production and construction video production.

How do you find a video production Melbourne company?

Video production is a visual art, so social media is often a good place to start.

Look to Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn as well as the company’s website. From there, you will get an idea of who they are and what type of videos they specialise in.

If you like what you see, another tell-tale sign of a great video production company will be that they offer free resources (like this one!) to help you understand what makes a good corporate video.

How do I hire a video production company? 

Your first engagement with a video production Melbourne company should give you the chance to talk about your business, goals and what you would like to achieve with corporate video production.

No matter your business goal, DreamCube can help you get there with a range of video production Melbourne, from content videos to testimonial videos to brand story videos, and everything in between.

To help get this process started, DreamCube has a discovery form that will help us understand how we can help you make the most out of video marketing.

Fill out our discovery form or find out more about corporate video production Melbourne by contacting us.


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