Website Video Marketing: Why The Big Fuss

Do you own a business and/or website in Melbourne? Have you tried using video marketing to promote your services? More and more companies are switching to promotional video production to gain the popularity and clients they need. You might as well do the same.

Website video marketing may still be quite unpopular but it should not be. Many companies across the globe allot a budget for online video promotions just to make sure that their business gets ahead of everyone else in their industry. If you’re still unsure about video marketing, take a look at the following statistics. It shows why many business owners are hopping into this marketing strategy train.

Millions of Words Condensed into One Short Video

A report by Video Brewery mentions that a minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research made the said statement. Therefore, in written vs. video advertising, the latter wins hands down. You must admit, writing a million words is exhausting and time consuming compared to hiring a videographer to produce promotional clips. Simply put, online videos are more practical in getting your company’s point across.

The Large Market for Online Videos

The dawn of social media and video sharing websites in Melbourne brought about the drastic change on how online users utilize the world wide web. Moving graphics always fascinate people. Videos look more authentic and entertaining. This is why marketing ideas through video production is slowly becoming a favorite among website owners.

In addition, most Facebook users around the world share videos in their accounts. They also watch clips posted by friends everyday. Even Instagram, which used to be just a photo sharing social media site, already added video sharing. This is how popular audiovisual has become.

In fact, YouTube revealed that mobile video consumption always rise to 100%. Just this November, there are over 14 million Australians who used the social media website. About 82% of these Aussies are in Melbourne. If this is the case, the chances of your promotional content being seen by online users is high. After all, a large percentage of people surfing the net are looking for a service or product. Why not take the opportunity to turn to the production of website video marketing?

90% of Online Shoppers More Likely to Buy in Websites with Videos

This is another important stat that makes business and website owners shift to video marketing. Majority of online shoppers believe promotional clips aid a lot in their shopping decisions. Add to this, website owners attest that products with videos sell more than those without.

Furthermore, Melbourne has been dubbed as Australia’s online shopping capital. If you own an online shop, why not get into the video marketing production route to boost your company’s sales?

Natural Curiosity of Humans

Many people who log in to their Facebook accounts do not have any specific reasons for visiting the site. Most of the time, they scroll down their Timeline hoping to stumble upon something that grabs their curiosity.

46% of people accidentally seeing a video would like to learn more after watching it. More than half of this percentage search for information to find out more about what they saw. Meanwhile, 22% of these people visit the website that owns the video.

Just by peaking someone’s interest, video marketing can spell a big difference for your business in Melbourne. Your company, website, and service can easily become a household name. All this, of course, can be done with the help of video production.

How online consumers use the internet and social media sites are truly the main proponents to how companies market their services and products these days. This is why many business owners take advantage of these new trends and invest on good and eye-catching online videos. Don’t be left behind. Choose website video marketing now.

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