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"Inspiring Businesses to use video as a vehicle to something greater"

So you're looking for a bunch of creatives to help drive your business to the next level? Well, congratulations. You've come to the right place!

We are a full-service video creation agency based in Melbourne. We work with businesses and individuals to produce high quality engaging visual content that are designed for business results.

Our team of talented and ultra professional creatives are the masters of their craft and can develop content with the intent to drive revenue into your business.

So get in touch with us, we love coffee :)

What We Do



Before we even think about flicking the record switch, we need to learn about your business. We are a company that thrives on bringing in big results for our clients because after all, a video with no purpose is a waste of your hard earned. Let's discover your "needs" so we can design video solutions!

Video Production

Our team of camera experts is simply brilliant at their craft. We work with you through the entire process, from strategy sessions, production, and implementation and distribution of the final product. We learn about your business and it's pain points and create a project design to provide a solution.

Social Media

These days, video and social media go hand-in-hand. Where a lot of businesses fail in video marketing is they don't have the knowledge of where to post their videos and how to manage them. We can control and manage the videos we create to ensure they are being watched by the right audience.

Aerial Videography

We currently have two CASA licensed UAV operators within the DreamCube crew. Drone videography is the latest buzz sweeping through the world of cinematography and is a cost-effective solution for the use of video marketing.

Our Team


Chris Wilkie

Founder & Managing Director

Meet Chris, DreamCube's creator who doubles and triples as a producer, videographer, video editor and UAV Pilot.

Rainier Paras

Videographer & Video Editor

Meet Rainier. Young gun award winning filmmaker from Cannes, France. Turns into a wizard with a camera in hand!

David Schreurs

Videographer + Editor

Meet David the "Peoples Beard" Schreurs.

Jesse Dragonetti


Meet Jesse the "#2 Peoples Beard" Dragonetti (only because he's younger than Dave).

Ari Adar


Meet Ari. Internationally published and leading Aussie photographer. Absolute jet!

Serap Wilkie

Head of Marketing

Meet Serap, our marketing star and the worlds hardest worker (possibly).

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  • DreamCube Productions are an incredible agency that create fantastic videos. Chris and his team are working on all my Video Testimonials and their work can be viewed on my YouTube channel. I love how Chris makes everyone he works with comfortable. He knows exactly what is needed to make your video's stand out in a crowded market and absolutely pop. DreamCube work with the utmost professionalism at all times bringing in fun and flair and I know Chris will make you feel comfortable and relaxed behind the camera too. I highly recommend DreamCube and have already shared them in my extensive CEO invite only network. Are you ready to stand out in a crowded market?
    Mary Jensen
    Owner - M Power Services
  • Daniel Grynberg
    Director - South Eastern Active Health
  • Jim Chronopoulos
    Owner - Melbourne Quality Roofing
  • I engaged DreamCube Productions to video my live music show and to then create a professional short promo video.  It was a pleasure working with Chris and his team, they were extremely professional and reliable and I was thrilled with the result!
    Anouska Taylor
    Vocal Instructor
  • David Guest
    Director - Outcomes Business Group
  • We have nothing but gratitude for the efforts Chris from DreamCube made to produce 3 high quality videos for Operation Newstart Casey. He followed our students over an 8 week period to capture some poignant moments and produced a brilliant little documentary that gives outsiders a real ‘inside’ perspective of what we do on the program. The shorter versions have helped us apply for grants and sell our program to sponsors. Thanks again Chris.
    James Seeary
    Leading Teacher - Operation Newstart Casey
  • Chris from DreamCube has produced several films for us in different genres – promotional, interview style and creative. He is very professional, but at the same time has an easy going and approachable attitude that makes him a delight to work with. Chris has a great ability to understand quickly what our vision is and the material produced is consistently an exceptional standard. Our favourite was a recent project where he filmed a social experiment and interviewed a group of 4-6 year old children in a studio setting. Chris produced a beautiful, moving short film that achieved remarkable online reach and social media engagement/virality, helping us to build brand awareness for a start-up venture. His creative eye and ability to capture the human element with somewhat challenging subjects (young children) was impressive! We will definitely continue to use DreamCube Productions time and time again. I couldn’t recommend Chris highly enough.
    Kate Atkins
    Head of Research & Marketing, one7days
  • I had video clips of my brother’s graduation a few months ago and tried to edit them myself. Unfortunately, the film ended up less than appealing. As recommended by a friend, I hired DreamCube Productions for their video editing services. I was a bit skeptical at first, but Chris was more than happy to help out. Being a professional that he is, he entertained every idea that I wanted for the finished film. Being an expert that he is, he was able to understand these ideas and my brother’s graduation film turned out to be more than I expected. I’m keen to work with DreamCube Productions again in the future. Perhaps next time, a corporate video for my job?
    Maria Czarina
    KPMG, RMIT University
  • It was an absolute pleasure to work with Chris on a couple of recent projects for Psyberspace.. His creative mind and easy going personality made it easy to trust his judgement and turn over a fantastic video which exceeded my expectations!
    Dean Lester
    Founder - Contact High Events

Our success stories

Our success stories

  • GIA Bathrooms and Kitchen


1How much does it cost to produce a professional video?
Video productions can be expensive, so you have to view them as long term investments. Cost is dependent upon the scale of project. We offer our clients a free consultation to discuss their requirements. Every video production is different when it comes to pricing.
2What if I need to reschedule a shoot?
No problem. Just give us a call at least 48 hours before the planned shooting and we'll set you up with a new time. If a shoot is needed to be rescheduled within the 48 hour window, 20% of the quoted price will be added on as a penalty fee.
3What if something comes up or I change my mind and need to cancel?
It is totally up to you if you want to go ahead with the shoot or not, but if we are booked in and then canceled within 48 hours of the scheduled shoot time, a cancellation fee equalling 25% of the quoted price will be invoiced.
4Who owns the footage after the video is produced?
You do, though we typically reserve the right to use videos we’ve produced on our portfolio and website.
5How long should a promotional video be for use on my website?
Web video needs to be short and to the point. Generally a promotional web video should be around 1-2 minutes in length. The key point is to show how your business or product is different and how dealing with you will benefit your customers. Video Marketing is the process of tailoring video content for your target audience, ensuring that you see a return on your investment. Video Marketing doesn’t produce instant results; it is an ongoing process that takes a little bit of time. We can provide you with and implement a video marketing strategy for your video(s), where we will use a variety of methods to increase their effectiveness.
6How much input do you need us to have?
Each company is different and we are happy for you to have as much or as little involvement in your video production as you want. We are experienced enough to handle the whole project and production process, but if you are very hands on and want to be involved in everything, that’s fine by us too. Ultimately, though, it’s your video and it is your brand that is being presented, so we are 100% committed to make sure you are fully satisfied with your video.
7What is video marketing and how can it help my business?
Video Marketing is the process of tailoring video content for your target audience, ensuring that you see a return on your investment. Video Marketing doesn’t produce instant results; it is an ongoing process that takes a little bit of time. We will use a variety of methods to increase their effectiveness.
8How long does it take to produce a video?
A common misconception of video production, is that they take months to produce. Depending on the type of video, they can take months, but we realise that clients have budgets and timescales to work with and often require a fast turn around. Generally, depending on our schedule, we can produce a video, from concept to final delivery, within 2-4 weeks, sometimes sooner. As for real estate, the time constraints are much more fierce, so turnaround time for a property tour video is within 48 hours.
9Can we shoot our own footage and have you edit the footage?
Yes, let’s talk about it. If the footage was produced at high quality, we can help you. Let us take a look at the footage then we can let you know if we can make it work for you. Footage that is shot professionally would be fine. Some clients have found they get more professional quality video outcomes if they have us re-shoot their footage. Not even the most talented and experienced pros can take video that wasn’t shot well and make it look great.
10Who scripts the voice-overs for a property tour?
The real estate agent is the professional in their field, and we are the professionals in our field. It is totally up to the agent with what they would like to say about the property. It is then up to us to overlay the footage correctly in line the voice over.


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