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We are DreaMcube Productions

"Inspiring Businesses to use video as a vehicle to something greater"

So you're looking for a bunch of creatives to help drive your business to the next level? Well, congratulations. You've come to the right place!

We are a full-service video creation agency based in Melbourne. We work with businesses and individuals to produce high quality engaging visual content that are designed for business results.

Our team of talented and ultra professional creatives are the masters of their craft and can develop content with the intent to drive revenue into your business.

So get in touch with us, we love coffee :)

What We Do



Before we even think about flicking the record switch, we need to learn about your business. We are a company that thrives on bringing in big results for our clients because after all, a video with no purpose is a waste of your hard earned. Let's discover your "needs" so we can design video solutions!

Video Production

Our team of camera experts is simply brilliant at their craft. We work with you through the entire process, from strategy sessions, production, and implementation and distribution of the final product. We learn about your business and it's pain points and create a project design to provide a solution.

Social Media

These days, video and social media go hand-in-hand. Where a lot of businesses fail in video marketing is they don't have the knowledge of where to post their videos and how to manage them. We can control and manage the videos we create to ensure they are being watched by the right audience.

Aerial Videography

We currently have two CASA licensed UAV operators within the DreamCube crew. Drone videography is the latest buzz sweeping through the world of cinematography and is a cost-effective solution for the use of video marketing.

Our Team


Chris Wilkie

Founder & Managing Director

Meet Chris, DreamCube's creator who doubles and triples as a producer, videographer, video editor and UAV Pilot.

Rainier Paras

Videographer & Video Editor

Meet Rainier. Young gun award winning filmmaker from Cannes, France. Turns into a wizard with a camera in hand!

David Schreurs

Videographer + Editor

Meet David the "Peoples Beard" Schreurs.

Jesse Dragonetti


Meet Jesse the "#2 Peoples Beard" Dragonetti (only because he's younger than Dave).

Ari Adar


Meet Ari. Internationally published and leading Aussie photographer. Absolute jet!

Serap Wilkie

Head of Marketing

Meet Serap, our marketing star and the worlds hardest worker (possibly).

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