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Our Testimonials

REC What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

Feature Project: Brady Group
380 Melbourne Video Showcase
Brady black logo
Brady Group
The Project

The Brady Group enlisted our expertise to create a top-tier video showcasing their latest achievement, 380 Melbourne. As leaders in development, construction, and real estate, Brady Group’s project demanded meticulous attention to detail.

To complement the stunning visuals, we secured the talents of presenter Danielle Collis, whose delivery was impeccable.

Capturing not only the essence of 380 Melbourne but also its surrounding landmarks and amenities required extensive planning and production efforts. However, the culmination of our hard work resulted in a video that Brady Group effectively utilises for marketing purposes, drawing attention to the development and facilitating the sale of remaining apartments.

We are honoured to have collaborated with Brady Group and Danielle Collis on this project.

Feature Project: APC Build
Newham Project – Build Showcase
APC Build Black Logo
APC Build
The Project

Every now and then, amidst the multitude of completed construction projects, we encounter one that truly blows us away from the moment we set eyes on it. Such was the case with the recently finished Newham project, meticulously crafted by APC Build.

Nestled atop a hill, the property boasted an awe-inspiring landscape that seemed to stretch out endlessly, with the house itself positioned strategically to maximise the breathtaking views through its abundance of floor-to-ceiling windows.

While the focal point of the video undoubtedly revolved around showcasing the scenery, it was impossible to overlook the quality of the build itself. Every detail, from the architecture to the finishing touches, spoke volumes about APC Build’s dedication to excellence.

Despite the time and effort invested in capturing every angle, the end result is a video presentation that effortlessly highlights APC’s expertise and the sheer brilliance of their premium builds.

Feature Project: Zeid Projects
2 Almond St – Transformation
Zeid Projects black logo
Zeid Projects
The Project

2 Almond Street was a project years in the making, but boy, was it worth the wait! The original house’s transformation, plus the sleek extension at the back, is a world away from its humble beginnings.

Zeid Projects? They’re the masters of residential and commercial projects, refurbishments, and fit-outs, and this one’s right up there with their best work. We kicked things off by filming the “before” shots and made several site visits to keep our socials buzzing as the build progressed.

When it was all done, we came back to capture the final reveal. Then came the fun part – weaving the footage together seamlessly for that jaw-dropping before-and-after video you see here. We’ve been working with Zeid Projects for years, and let me tell you, their craftsmanship is second to none.

Our Work

Fredman Property Group
Type: Real Estate
2:09 secs
Fredman Property Group, renowned experts in luxury real estate, has been a valued client of ours for many years. One of their newest listings, 97 Male Street in Brighton, boasts an abundance of natural light, a feature we deemed crucial to showcase through our film, incorporating cinematic elements to enhance its allure.

Our Work

Animal Therapies
Type: Brand Stories
3.55 secs
Four years ago, we established a partnership with Animal Therapies LTD, captivated by their mission to revolutionise the Animal Assisted Services sector. Their dedication inspired us to extend a helping hand by providing a pro bono brand video aimed at conveying their narrative and connecting with their target audience.

Our Work

K2 Homes
Type: Testimonial Videos
3:13 secs
K2 Homes boldly took on an ambitious beachside project plagued by cramped quarters and a lack of natural light. Undaunted by these obstacles, they unleashed their creative prowess, delivering a jaw-dropping transformation that left their client ecstatic. Impressed by the sheer coolness of the renovation, we were brought in to capture every moment on camera, ensuring this epic makeover was immortalised in style.

Our Work

Type: Brand Stories
7.17 secs
Three decades mark a significant milestone in the business world, yet for Hickory, it signifies the dawn of a promising journey rather than its culmination. Emerging as one of Australia’s most versatile property enterprises, Hickory has expanded its reach into various sectors including construction, development, manufacturing, and data centres. Entrusting us with the task, Hickory sought to commemorate their 30th Anniversary with a profound brand video. Spanning from its humble beginnings to future aspirations, this feature-length production encapsulates the remarkable narrative of Hickory’s evolution and vision.

Our Work

Chelsea Heights Primary School
Type: Corporate
3.24 secs
Following a significant decline in new student enrolment due to the pandemic, Chelsea Heights Primary School opted to leverage video content as a means to attract fresh interest. This is where our expertise came into play: we directed, curated, and produced a compelling video showcasing the narratives of both teachers and students, alongside highlighting the school’s recently renovated campus.
Fredman Property Video: Man in suit by window, sleek pool, lush foliage highlight luxurious outdoor space.
Fredman Property Group
Close-up in Animal Therapies' brand video: therapy dog's gaze symbolizes bond between animals & humans.
Animal Therapies
K2 Homes testimonial: Middle-aged couple in kitchen blending modern, heritage designs, content expressions.
K2 Homes
Hickory's brand video: Director in interview chair symbolizes progress, innovation, industry leadership.
Chelsea Heights Primary School's corporate video: Two girls embrace, forming heart, symbolizing childhood friendship.
Chelsea Heights Primary School

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