Innovative. Strategic. Unparalleled.

As a full-service video production company, DreamCube offers a variety of services to meet the unique needs of your industry. Spanning from real estate video to testimonial video production, our team takes a strategic approach to create and promote your business.

Visual Storytelling

Showcase your brand. Tell your story.

Stories are a natural way to communicate your brand message. Our team can help you create a clear objective for your audience and implement key messages to create an impactful and memorable story.

Video Content Production

Engage your audience. Be dynamic.

Creatively engage your audience with a video that visually captures the attention of potential customers or clients. We’ll develop strategic, multi purpose video content that can be used on your website or in a paid campaign – the options are endless.

Real Estate Video Production

Advertise your listing. Connect your property to more buyers.

While photos are crucial for real estate marketing, adding video content to your listing can take it to the next level. From drone footage to virtual inspections, videography can provide potential buyers and renters with a better picture of the listing – so let us help you.

Testimonial Video Production

Build trust. Showcase what your customers love about your brand.

Social proofing builds trust and is an important part of the customer journey before purchase. By showcasing testimonials on your website and social media or email campaigns, you can improve your credibility. We’ll take care of everything, from crafting a script to editing the video.

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