Our Story

Introducing, Mr DreamCube!

Well, hello there! It’s me.. Chris, the founder and managing director of DreamCube Productions. Here’s a little bit about me – my interest in video production started a long time ago after receiving a first-round preference to study Television Broadcasting at Melbourne Uni, post High School.

Naturally, I deferred for a year so I could earn some good coin on the grind and actually enjoy the sweet perks of my newly reached adulthood. This was back in 2003 by the way.

My one year deferment went slightly balls up as I was enjoying watching my bank account grow(the decline on weekends) so I decided to continue working to save up and eventually travel around the world, which happened for 12 full months in 2008/09.

Long story short, and a degree in Audio Visual Technology later, where I learned the skills of camera work and video editing amongst a whole range of other shenanigans, I decided to start my own business, CJW Media Productions. Yes, they are the initials of my full name… sad… with all lessons learnt in a start-up business, good and bad, I rebranded to DreamCube Productions with a much clearer direction.

What I love about most about producing videos is to see the enjoyment and reactions from clients when they’ve received the final product. Then to see the effect it directly has on their business, the growth they achieve, the tangible results that blast their business into orbit… it’s bloody awesome. That’s what it is all about for me. That’s what gets me out of bed in the mornings. That’s why I do what I do.

Hit me up anytime, I’m always keen for a coffee!

Our Team

Chris Wilkie

Founder & Managing Director
Meet Chris, DreamCube's creator who doubles and triples as a producer, videographer, video editor and UAV Pilot.

Rainier Paras

Videographer & Video Editor
Meet Rainier. Young gun award-winning filmmaker from Cannes, France. Turns into a wizard with a camera in hand!

David Schreurs

Videographer + Editor
Meet David the "Peoples Beard" Schreurs.

Jesse Dragonetti

Meet Jesse the "#2 Peoples Beard" Dragonetti (only because he's younger than Dave).

Ari Adar

Meet Ari. Internationally published and leading Aussie photographer. Absolute jet!

Sera Wilkie

Head Of Marketing
Meet Serap, our marketing star and the worlds hardest worker (possibly).
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