6 Tips to Become More Confident in Front of Camera

6 Tips to Become More Confident in Front of Camera

The fear of presenting on video is one of the common issues facing business owners.

But all it takes is a few simple steps to help you alleviate the fear.

Mary Jensen from M Power Services is a mindset master and here she lets us in on some of her tips for being comfortable in front of camera.

1- Have Fun

A girl is making a balloon with orange chewing gum Remember back to your childhood, you were enjoying every activity. Everything was a game for you. We can create a similar atmosphere in our adult life by taking a stressful situation and bringing the fun.


a man is laughing in front of orange wallLaughter is always the best medicine.

Just enjoy the process of being in front of camera. Laughter always brings everybody that you’re with closer together and will have you feeling a sense of relaxation. And if you stuff up, who cares… video is edited so only the good bits will be used in the final product. But a few outtakes also provides an opportunity for a blooper reel which is an advantage.

3-Use your imagination

A woman is covering her face with one of her hand and smiling
When filming, if you are with someone that you struggle to relax with, pretend they’re someone else (partners are a great example). Use your imagination to make it fun.

4- Take the pressure off

a girl looks shocked in front of a pink wallScared and adventure, and fear and excitement, are only a little bit apart from a mindset perspective.

So, if you gasp for fear, you also gasp for excitement.

When we put ourselves into a high-pressure situation, our mind starts to run wild, so if we think, “Oh, I’m scared of doing the video”, you can turn your fear into excitement, and you can say “Oh, I’m excited about doing the video.”

Your feeling will follow your mind and you’ll take the pressure off.


A man is standing in front of a red wall and closing his mouthDeep breathing reduces anxiety.

Try the box breathing method:

  • Inhale in for five seconds,
  • exhale for five seconds,
  • hold for five seconds. It will calm your nerves.

When you’re experiencing a lot of nerves, you’re stuck in your head. If you can relax and bring yourself into your chest and your heart it helps us become more peaceful.

6- Lookup

A man is looking upIf you’re getting ready to present on camera and you’re looking down, you will be definitely feeling some anxiety. The way to change that feeling is to look up. When your eyeballs look up to the sky, the visual part of your brain will take control and will alleviate the anxiousness or fear.

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