7 Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Video Marketing

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November 07, 2022

Real estate listings that feature at least one video get 400% more enquiries than image-based listings.

This means that investing in commercial real estate video production can immediately increase your pool of buyers.

But what is it about commercial real estate video content that dramatically helps real estate agents close deals?

This is precisely what we’ll tackle in this post by highlighting seven benefits of commercial real estate video marketing.

Helps You Reach More People

One main benefit of investing time and effort into your commercial real estate video marketing is increased visibility.

Think about it.

By only using images to promote your listings, you’ll mainly attract local buyers who will be close enough to come and check out the property to find out more about it. And this means that you could be missing out on a huge pool of potential buyers who aren’t local but would still consider living in the area if they found the right property.

Creating high-quality commercial real estate video content for each listing is a fantastic way to appeal to national or international buyers. And, if you’re skeptical about people buying a property sight unseen, check this stat! 55% of property buyers would buy a property sight unseen if they could access an immersive video tour of it!

So, make sure to shoot high-quality footage of each property. Highlight the key features, space, location and amenities. And talk about what makes the place unique.

Commercial Real Estate Video Allows For A Faster Sales Cycle

As a real estate agent, you might think hiring a video production company to produce your commercial real estate video content is too costly.

But what if we told you that 51% of property buyers use YouTube as their main source of home research?

And that real estate agents who use videos in their listings increase their revenue 49% faster than those who don’t?

Or that listings that include drone videography sell on average 68% faster than other types of listings.

The stats are clear. Investing in commercial real estate video production will help you sell your commercial properties faster. And this, in turn, will save you money, preventing your properties from sitting on the market for too long. And as a bonus, it will also boost your reputation with sellers!

Enables You To Highlight The Best Amenities

A commercial listing featuring a video will give potential buyers a better sense of the space and amenities. And it will allow you to control what they see!

Through high-quality footage, you can highlight the best amenities, like in this video, and draw the focus away from unpleasant features.

Now, the idea isn’t to hide things and trick buyers. Instead, it’s to showcase everything while emphasising the best amenities and features.

Provides 24/7 Access To The Property

Finding the time to view properties can be difficult for some buyers between work, family, friends, and other social and personal commitments. That’s where commercial real estate video content becomes handy! Creating high-quality videos of a property allows buyers to tour it from the comfort of their own home whenever it suits them.

And it also enables them to tour it as often as they want.

Saves You Time And Effort

Stemming from what we just said, providing buyers with a high-quality virtual tour will save you a lot of time. That’s because buyers will have access to the property 24/7, so you won’t have to show it multiple times to the same indecisive buyer.

And you will also save time on driving to the property, preparing it for the viewing, and touring it with buyers who aren’t too keen after all.

Creating videos for each one of your listings will help you filter buyers, saving you time and effort!

Helps You Spark Emotions

The reality is that images aren’t as effective as videos at conveying a space’s depth and soul. Nor are they as effective at helping viewers visualise themselves enjoying the space.

With commercial real estate video content, you can show potential buyers what it’s like to evolve in the property.

What’s more, don’t forget to capture life in the neighbourhood, like in this video.

This will instantly spark emotions as the viewers will start envisioning what being in the space and the location feels like.

Taking the buyers into an immersive journey on-site will help them fall in love with the space. And this, in turn, will help you sell more properties quicker!

Commercial Real Estate Video Allows You to Increase Memorability

The commercial real estate field can be very competitive.

An engaging and immersive commercial real estate video featuring amazing footage of a space will help you cut through the noise. Instead of simply browsing through 20 pictures of different rooms and angles, the viewers will embark on a unique and memorable experience.

Think about it.

Which experience would you remember most:

  • Looking at a listing for an office space marketed using a bunch of pictures showing no signs of life.
  • Watching a video showcasing the vibe and a bird’s eye view of nearby parks, cafes, and other amenities.

Based on our experience, high-quality commercial real estate videos always win!

Now, according to research, only 10% of home sellers believe their real estate agents effectively used videos to market their property. This means that most agents either don’t use videos at all or don’t know how to make the property memorable through video.

Commercial real estate video content gives businesses like you a golden opportunity to make your buyers’ experience memorable. And this will help you sell properties quickly.

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