How to Ask Clients for a Testimonial Video? (in the Building Industry)

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A man and a woman sit side by side, smiling in a bright, modern kitchen setting with large windows and greenery outside, as part of a client testimonial video. The kitchen features light wooden cabinetry and contemporary appliances, providing a cozy backdrop for the video.
October 04, 2022

You know that 79% of consumers have watched client testimonial videos to better understand a service.

You know that over 66% of people are more likely to buy from you if they see a video testimonial from a previous customer.

What you don’t know is how to get client testimonial videos.

Asking your client for a testimonial after working on their home might make you feel a little awkward.

However, it will help you build trust with potential customers and help you establish yourself as an expert in the building industry. And this, in turn, can significantly increase your leads and drive your sales.

So, to assist you in this task, we’ve shared five tips on how to ask for a client testimonial video.

What Are Client Testimonial Videos?

Testimonial videos are videos showing your clients sharing their experience with your service in a positive light. In a testimonial video, customers usually explain how your service helped solve their problem. And they also share their positive experience dealing with your company, and highlighting key things they like about your business.

Why Are Client Testimonial Videos So Important For Builders?

Potential clients place a high value on recommendations and reviews by real customers when considering a business. In fact, 95% of people read reviews before buying a product or service.

Client testimonial videos are critical for builders because they provide a real-life example of the quality of your work and your company standards.

That’s right. Client testimonial videos are the ultimate social proof to convince skeptical homeowners. Through the video, homeowners looking to build or renovate their homes can see what your work looks like in real life, not just on your website.

Explaining on your website that you can provide your customers with their dream home is one thing. Showing you can turn any space into a functional, comfortable, and beautiful haven through previous customers’ testimonials is another!

Not convinced?

Let’s look at two different ways to promote your services:

  • The first one is a sentence on your website as follows: we’re a forward-thinking and well-established construction company. We’re passionate about building the perfect home for our clients, and our team is looking forward to working on your project.
  • The second one is a testimonial video of one of your customers where the satisfied clients explain: every day, we count our blessings to have been put in contact with ( the name of your company) as the team was able to take our vision and create the perfect space for our family. We’ve been enjoying our beautiful home ever since, creating unforgettable memories. And while your customers speak, the camera provides high-quality footage of the final result for each room.

Which one do you think is more appealing for a homeowner looking for the perfect building company to turn their dream home into a reality?

We know we would be more engaged with the second option!

How To Ask Your Clients For Testimonial Videos?

Now that we’ve established that client testimonial videos should be a key element of your marketing strategy, let’s dive into how to ask your customers for one.

Ask For a Client Testimonial Video At The Beginning Of The Project

It might feel tempting to wait until the end of a project to ask your clients for a testimonial video. After all, they’ll be dazzled by their new home and the work you’ve accomplished. And this will make asking for a video easier. But the reality is that after the end of the project, it might feel more awkward to ask, and you might also have to chase them.

So, instead, ask your clients if they’d be happy to record a testimonial video at completion when starting the project. This will show them you’re confident in the quality of your work. And when the project ends, it’ll feel more natural to ask them for the video, as you’d have mentioned it to them beforehand.

Track Your Customer Satisfaction

Tracking your clients’ satisfaction is key. That’s because client testimonial videos from happy and satisfied clients will prove to potential customers you’re legitimately good at what you do. And it’ll show your expertise and give you gravitas. Besides, satisfied customers will more likely be jumping up and down to share their experience with others. And that is exactly the emotions you want to capture on camera!

Make It Easy For Your Clients

Unless your clients are professional marketers adept at video marketing, they might feel intimidated by the whole process. After all, talking on camera is probably not something they do every day. So, instead of asking them to record themselves, hire an experienced video production company specialising in video marketing for construction-related businesses. This will take the pressure off your clients and make it easier for them to get involved.

Don’t Use a Script

There’s nothing more frustrating for a potential customer than listening to a video that sounds scripted. Not only will a scripted video not be as engaging as a non-scripted video, but it could also taint your credibility. We’d recommend asking your clients to record interview-style testimonial videos. That’s because this type of video tends to perform well with new audiences. What’s more, using an interview method makes it easier for your clients as they don’t need to remember a script and can simply genuinely answer specific questions.

Respect Their Time

Just like your time is precious, so is your clients’. If you want them to do you a favour and record a positive testimonial to help your business, show them you respect their time. Allow them to record the video from wherever is most convenient to them. Not only does it take the pressure off, but not staging the video will give it an authentic touch. Also, send interview questions before the shoot so your clients can prepare. It will help reduce anxiety and improve the flow of the video.

Hire a Professional Video Production Company

As mentioned before, hiring a professional video production company will take the pressure off of your clients. What’s more, an experienced video production company will know exactly how to record the perfect footage to appeal to your niche.

At DreamCube Productions, we specialise in real estate and construction video production, and we’re committed to helping you grow. So much so that we’ve put together the Ultimate Guideline for a Killer Testimonial Video to assist you.

We won’t tell you that we’re the best. Instead, we invite you to check our client testimonial videos on our dedicated page 😉

We hope you enjoy them and that you find our guide useful. And we’re looking forward to discussing your upcoming projects!

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