Demardi Wins Dream Jobs for Less via Video Marketing

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A cheerful team of six construction workers in matching black Demardi uniforms sits casually against a brick wall, with dusty work boots and content smiles, representing the camaraderie showcased in the Demardi Build Video Marketing Case Study.
August 30, 2021

Demardi is a custom builder specialising in tailored home building, renovations, and extensions.

Because every build is unique, co-founder Anthony started looking for ways to showcase their abilities and diversity to new prospects.

He decided to look into video marketing as a tool he’d seen utilised by several custom builders.

“We didn’t have any videos on our website, we only had photos we had taken on our phones. Photos do work, but video displays your work at the next level.”

“We wanted to look professional and show the same effort online as we put into each build, which is something video helped us do!”

Anthony got in touch with DreamCube and they got to work producing a ‘brand story’, a ‘meet the team’, and ‘process’ video.

DreamCube helped Demardi create a unique video marketing strategy – something that resonated strongly with Anthony, as a custom builder.

“While other companies we spoke to only offered a ‘cookie-cutter’ service, DreamCube was flexible and attentive to our marketing needs”, said Anthony.

“Chris made us feel comfortable. He brought every conversation back to what we wanted to achieve and offered ways to help us reach our goals”.

During filming, DreamCube’s commitment to professionalism thoroughly impressed Anthony.

“If you aren’t good in front of the camera, Chris helps you feel at ease to make the most of your time. The result is a video that is as professional as it is natural. It’s perfect for how we wish to present ourselves”.

The videos have had a significant impact on the growth of Demardi’s business. Their Facebook and Instagram follower numbers have increased and they’ve been able to reach more of their ideal customers.

“Our videos make it clear who we are, what we do, and what we value and because of that, they attract the type of jobs we love to do.”

Video marketing has seen Demardi save time and money in the sales process as well.

“Video pushed our business forward in all areas. We’ve found that because our videos tell our story so well, we now spend significantly less time talking about us, instead, focusing on the client and what they want from their build.”

“Including our clients in the process video worked like magic. Because of DreamCube’s video production skills, our client testimonials endorse the same level of trust within our prospects, as recommendations from their friends and family would.”

Considering the positive impact video marketing has had for Demardi, Anthony believes video should be essential for every business, not just custom builders.

“Their process can be universally applied as a valuable sales weapon.”

Want to become a magnet for your ideal client, without the need to prospect manually? Video marketing can help.

Get in contact with us – Let’s work together to grow your business through video marketing.

Demardi Testimonial Video for DreamCube

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