How Did Video Marketing Help Sheridan Thrive Despite Pandemic?

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Three focused construction professionals, clad in black work shirts with company logos, intently review blueprints or plans on a workbench in an industrial setting, depicting a scene from the Sheridan Building Video Marketing Case Study.
September 08, 2021

Sheridan Building collaborated with DreamCube in March of 2020, just as the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic impounded life as we knew it. It was the first time they had ever invested in any form of marketing.

Travis had founded Sheridan Building alongside his brother, Jarrod, in 2007.

He stated that he “had no idea that there would be a building boom (resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic), but having videos advertising for us online allowed us to get in front of the demand”.

They had been looking to kick-start their marketing for a few months, so the timing of the building boom was a lucky coincidence.

As architectural build and renovation specialists, the Sheridan brothers quickly earned a reputation for high-quality, premium construction.

Having only ever relied on word of mouth referrals, they decided to invest in a paid marketing campaign in early 2020.

“We wanted to leverage the reputation we had built over the years and get more of the jobs we love doing.”

They knew that for construction businesses, video marketing was the way to go.

“We started shooting videos from our phones, but the quality was horrendous and coming up with content ideas was difficult. So, we searched for video marketers and stumbled across DreamCube.

“From our first conversation, we could tell [DreamCube’s Director] Chris was very professional and at the top of his [industry].”

DreamCube initially shot a testimonial video and a building process video for Sheridan.

Given it was Sheridan’s first dip into marketing, leaning on the expertise of their marketing team was a necessity for Travis.

“DreamCube made the video production process quick and easy with minimal effort on our end. At the start, we struggled being in front of the camera, but Chris was able to prompt and guide us through all of our takes.”

Travis couldn’t be happier with the return on investment  Sheridan has received since launching the videos.

“We’ve had a high response and engagement rate on our videos. And with that has come more job leads.”

“Video marketing did exactly what we hoped it would do for our business”.

How Sheridan Won Victorian Home of the Year with Video Marketing

Video marketing became Sheridan’s secret weapon in the era of virtual award ceremonies, following the online adaptations of COVID-19 lockdowns.

When COVID restrictions forced the  2020 HIA Housing Awards to go live online, they required video submissions in place of their usual inspections.

Sheridan called on DreamCube to create a project showcase video for their custom home-build in the Bayside Melbourne suburb of Brighton.

The home won Victorian Home of the Year and Australian People’s Choice Home of the Year awards.

And for Travis, the results speak for themselves.

“DreamCube offers amazing value with video. If you are like us, (branching into marketing for the first time), then you will find their marketing expertise makes them an easy to use one-stop-shop for all of your marketing needs.”

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