6 Tips to Create High-End and Timeless Property Videos

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A modern living room interior is showcased, with large windows offering natural light, minimalist furniture, a floor-standing arc lamp, and tasteful décor including a bust and vases, from a property video.
September 28, 2021

Are you looking to attract more home buyers to your inspections and sell more properties?

We’ll assume the answer is positive!

And if that’s the case, property video is the way to go.

Real estate videos provide potential buyers with an immersive experience allowing them to better visualise themselves living in the space.

Add professional videos featuring striking visuals and an engaging story about the property to your listings, and you’ll immediately stand out from your competition.

That’s right.

An exciting property video will pique house hunters’ interest, entice them to reach out to you, and ultimately increase your sales.

However, not all property videos are created equal.

In this blog, we’ll share six powerful tips to create high-end and timeless real estate videos that convert.

Focus on the Listings Highlights in Your Property Videos

This might seem obvious, but many property videos forget to emphasise the key attributes of a home. Yet, that’s what makes the place truly unique.

Does the property you’re shooting have stunning ceiling beams, beautiful granite countertops, or decorative crown molding? Or perhaps it comes with an amazing swimming pool or a gorgeous fireplace?

Highlighting these unique features will help in:

  • Adding interest to the rooms
  • Elevating the property
  • Making the virtual visit more impactful
  • Giving prospective buyers a better sense of the property

So, next time you’re shooting a real estate video for one of your listings, make sure to highlight any architectural feature the home possesses. Buyers looking for a home with charm and character will most likely appreciate it!

What’s more, showcasing people using the space can be a great idea. It’ll make the video more engaging and dynamic and help viewers visualise living there.

Avoid Aggressive Transitions on Your Property Videos

If you’re showing a high-end property and want to convey luxury and quality on video, you’ll need seamless and crisp footage using smooth transitions. You’ll also need great editing skills.

The video editing process is as important as the shooting process. Great editing will give the property a superior, polished and elegant look.

Therefore, you should avoid using aggressive transitions such as jump cuts or bouncing from day to night. That’s because aggressive transitions will give a sense of chaos and amateurism to your video. They’re jarring for your audience and will most likely make them exit your video soon after it starts.

And if you’re lucky enough for prospective buyers to keep watching, aggressive transitions will prevent you from showcasing the property in its best light. In fact, it will make it look less elegant and sophisticated than it is.

The Agent Shouldn’t Steal the Show

We’ve all seen videos of cringeworthy agents trying to be funny and jumping in a pool fully suited.

Does that make you want to buy the home if you’re looking for a high-end property?

Probably not.

Even though being fun, engaging, and creative is great, you also need to be professional and provide your audience with what they’re looking for; a video highlighting a property. Not an agent.

So, avoid cheesy acts and long intros or outros with the agent standing in front of the property for too long. House hunters are looking for polished and high-quality property videos highlighting a home’s key features, its unique story, and showcasing the neighbourhood.

That way, they can better envision life in this home and area.

Use a Powerful Soundtrack To Elicit Emotion

There is much more to a property video than stunning images of a house or unit. If you want to create a compelling and high converting video, you’ll also need an engaging story and a powerful soundtrack that sparks emotion.

Some video professionals even argue that when it comes to videos, audio quality is more important than image quality!

Therefore, avoid Dubstep or stock standard corporate soundtracks at all costs. They’ll make your footage look cheap and deter your viewers’ attention from the property.

On the other hand, a dynamic, modern, and elegant soundtrack will add depth to your video, help emphasise the high-end and timeless features of the property and immerse your viewers in a unique and memorable viewing.

Also, you should always ensure the soundtrack is aligned with what the video is highlighting.

For instance, using an electro track when talking about historical features will jar the audience and prevent viewers from connecting with your footage.

Use Creative Camera Movements and Techniques

Creating a cinematic video is a fantastic way to hook your viewers and keep them engaged with your content. And using creative camera movements and techniques will help make your video more cinematic.

While pans, slides, up and downs are popular movements, you should strive to use more varied and sophisticated camera moves and techniques to provide your viewers with a movie-like experience.

Varying smooth slow-motion shots with gorgeous lighting, close-ups, handheld shots, long and medium shots, and push-in or pull-out moves will give your video an epic look.

But most importantly, these cinematic camera moves and techniques will also help you take the viewer on an intriguing journey. And once on board, it’ll keep them hooked throughout the whole video.

Work With an Experienced Real Estate Video Production Company

Sure, you could grab your phone and make a video of each of your listings yourself and save money on video production.

However, if you want to connect with house hunters and build your authority in the field, you’ll need to create professional and high-end videos. This will help you convey quality listings and highlight your extensive experience in the field.

Therefore, you should consider the cost of producing a high-quality property video as an investment rather than an expensive endeavour.

At DreamCube Productions, we’re committed to provide you with crisp, timeless, and professional videos. Our ultimate goal is to help draw house hunters to your listings and drive your sales. If you need some help, reach out to us.

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