Kay & Burton, South Yarra: Premium real estate needs high-end video

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An elegant room with stylish decor provides a stunning panoramic view of a city skyline under a dramatic sky, setting the scene for the Kay and Burton Real Estate Video Case Study, highlighting sophisticated property marketing.
November 08, 2021

Zoe Ho is a ten-year veteran of the real estate industry. She knew, better than most might, that Kay & Burton, South Yarra agency needed to get ahead of the curve to thrive in the inner Melbourne real estate market.

The Challenge

With real estate video production, a relatively new addition to the marketing mix, high-end listings with larger advertising budgets lead the way when it comes to incorporating video into online listings.

But that doesn’t mean high-end properties should be a testing ground for mediocre videos…

In Zoe’s eyes, the state of real estate video marketing doesn’t quite match the high-end feel of her client’s properties.

“Our video content was becoming too sterile and lacked creativity”, said Zoe.

As the face of marketing efforts to Kay & Burton clients, Zoe could sense that clients felt that the agency was wasting the marketing budget on real estate videos that didn’t add dollars to the sale price.

The work

Zoe called DreamCube and was impressed straight away.

She had nothing but good things to say,

“DreamCube comes with a fresh approach. They are innovative and work bloody hard to get the best results for our clients!”

Some of Our Work:

Here are some of the property showcase videos we filmed for Kay & Burton’s listings:

DreamCube Delivers, No Matter the Property Type

Dealing in the high-end property market, Kay and Burton have had the chance to sell some absolute gems.

And helping them get the best results for vendors is DreamCube‘s unique approach to real estate video and extensive knowledge of the market.

“As a real estate agent, you know when you’ve met prospective buyers in person. And you have a different conversation with younger buyers, as opposed to older buyers, so it doesn’t make sense that the videos are the same for properties marketed at different demographics”.

“Chris, [owner of Dreamcube], is excellent, in that he has an innate understanding of who might be interested in a property and will tailor the video to appeal to them. He even goes to the effort of providing different edits that appeal to different audiences”, exclaimed Zoe.

“And because of how well he knows the real estate market, we’re always on the same page when it comes to promoting each listing”.

“While some properties speak for themselves, others (especially newer luxury apartments) – need a little help to bring out their uniqueness.”

Real estate agents know this quite well, and their ability to show the qualities of any property is a skill that comes naturally to seasoned real estate agents. But it’s something that often doesn’t translate through to real estate video. DreamCube change that.

“Chris takes the time to highlight each property’s individuality – He has a sense for it.”

“It can be hard to get prospective buyers to get excited about an apartment that’s one of many in a new block, but that’s what Chris can do with his videos.”

And DreamCube’s extensive knowledge of real estate marketing has led to excellent results for Kay & Burton clients, generating more interest and increasing final sale prices.

“Whether a property is unique or needs uniqueness, Chris can do it.”

How Video Helped Sell a Property During Melbourne’s Lockdown

When Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdown meant property inspections were off-limits, videos became the only way to showcase properties.

And video would become the difference in selling, and then leasing, a penthouse apartment in South Yarra.

Despite its premium nature, the listing was struggling to stand out. Enter DreamCube: who captured the essence of the property through their video.

“Chris re-invigorated the property and ignited a level of interest we could have only dreamt of.”

High-quality real estate video = Increased Interest and Higher Sale Price

The South Yarra penthouse sold to an investor for higher than the reserve price. And the penthouse’s eight-month wait for a tenant would soon be over, too, with a Melbourne-based executive leasing the property not long after.

For real estate agents looking to create videos that do the selling for them and a video company that understands the industry, Zoe says, “look no further than DreamCube.”

“I can’t speak highly enough of DreamCube. They hit the nail on the head. They’re creative, know the industry back-to-front, and know what plays well online.”

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