Top New Instagram Video Updates and Features

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December 02, 2021

One billion active users.

That’s the number of people using Instagram every month.

Now, what if we told you that 90% of Instagram users follow a business on the platform?

Yet, not all businesses’ Instagram feeds are created equal. The most successful ones know exactly how to leverage the platform’s tools and features to reach their target audience.

So, if you’re looking to increase your brand awareness and boost your sales, you need to keep up with the latest Instagram video updates.

And the great news is that we’ve done the groundwork for you!

In this blog, we share some of the latest Instagram video updates and new features you should know about in 2022.

Instagram Stories – Recent Instagram Video Updates

On the 27th of October 2021, the app allowed all Instagram users to add links to their Instagram stories. Instead of the swipe-up feature, users can now add a link sticker tool.

This is a pretty big update because only users with over 10,000 followers could use this feature before.

Insta stories are a fantastic tool for businesses looking to increase their reach and improve their bottom line for free. That’s because over 500 million Instagram users across the world watch Instagram stories every day. What’s more, 33% of the most viewed Instagram stories are published by businesses.

So, if you’re a business owner with less than 10,000 Instagram followers, make sure to harness this new feature and add a link to your website on all your promotional Instagram stories. This will significantly help increase your brand awareness and boost your sales.

Instagram Video Updates With New Reels Effects

In a bid to rival giant social media platform TikTok, Instagram has launched its own short-form video feature called Reels in 2020. But while the first version of Reels did feature effects, audio, and some creative tools to make the videos fun and engaging, the latest Instagram video update sees the app taking its video game to the next level.

It’s no secret, TikTok took over the social media world by creating a video-sharing social network allowing users to express themselves in short videos and have fun. Live karaoke sessions, lip-syncing, and reaction videos are some of the many features that make the app so popular among users.

That’s why, to compete with TikTok’s ever-growing popularity, Instagram recently decided to launch a few new features inducing:

  • Dynamic lyrics: dynamic lyrics is all about displaying lyrics to a Reel so that Reel creators and their followers can sing along.
  • 3D lyrics: 3D lyrics are also a karaoke-style effect, but, as you might have guessed, the lyrics appear in 3D 😉
  • Superbeat: this new feature allows Insta users to automatically edit videos to the beat of the song they’ve picked for their Reel.

New Collab Features For Reels

Another well-received Instagram update is the new collab feature for Reels.

Wondering what that is?

Well, Instagram is now promoting collaborations by allowing two usernames to be displayed for the same post. It means that as a business or content creator, you’ll be able to display other businesses, brands or influencers you’ve worked with in a post or Reel’s header.

How does this work, you ask?

If you want to add another person as the co-author of a Reel or post, you can now invite the account using the tagging screen. Once the account has accepted your co-author request, the Reel or post will be automatically shared across both feeds.

Instagram Reels Can Be Up To 60 Seconds Long

Talking about Instagram Reels, the app is also extending the popular video format. Reels were launched in August 2020 and originally had a 15-second limit.

The app increased the limit to 30 seconds in September 2020, and due to community feedback, it has now upgraded the video length once again, allowing creators to upload videos of up to one minute.

New IG Live Scheduling Tool

Live videos are gaining traction across social media platforms.

That’s why the app has upgraded its live Instagram feature by making it easier for brands and content creators to promote live broadcasts.

One of the new tools Instagram is now providing users with is the Live Creation form enabling businesses to schedule a live event 90 days in advance.

Another handy feature is the introduction of a Stories sticker that content creators can use in their feed or in their Stories to promote their live broadcast. This sticker aims to encourage followers to sign up for upcoming Lives.

With 41% of Gen Z attending an event on Instagram Live in September 2021, these new Instagram video tools will be sure to help brands make the most of the platform.

New Instagram Video Format

IGTV is a thing of the past.

Indeed, IGTV has been combined with feed videos and rebranded as Instagram Video. This makes it much easier for the app’s users to browse all of the video content of a specific account, as it’ll all be displayed under one same tab moving forward.

One of the goals of IGTV was to rival YouTube with long-form video content. Even though IGTV doesn’t exist as such anymore, the great news is that Instagram Video still allows creators to record videos for up to 60 minutes.

Some of the other things users can do with Instagram Video include:

  • Creating a 60-second feed preview
  • Trimming videos
  • Uploading captions
  • Tagging people and locations

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