Video Marketing for Construction Companies: 4 Ways to Build Trust

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October 19, 2020

“I would rather lose money than trust”.

  • Robert Bosch (Founder, Bosch Tools)

A powerful quote from a man who knew a thing or two about what it takes to build a successful business. It is a quote construction companies should take to heart if they want to be successful with their marketing.

Because when marketing in the construction industry, it is essential to focus your key messaging around building trust.

Why trust is important

According to an Autodesk report, 56% of high-trust construction companies report a lower-than-average staff turnover rate. This saves them an average of US$750,000 (AU$1.05 million) a year when compared to companies with just an average level of trust.

And that’s not all. Trust means higher levels of repeat business, driving profit margins up from 2-7%.

This is something you may see for yourself because when a high level of trust exists between you and a client, everything goes smoothly.

Can You Market Trust?

You may think the only way to build trust is to do so with your existing client base that you worked tirelessly to gain the trust of.

That’s great, but the problem is that building trust takes time and money because prospects won’t know they can trust you until you win the job.

And to win more jobs, prospects must see you as trustworthy.

See the problem here?

What if you could use your marketing messages to gain and build the trust of people you don’t even know?

Marketing for construction companies involves needing to answer a lot of questions, and the easiest way to do this efficiently and cost-effectively is via video marketing.

Building Trust through Video Marketing

Sheridan Building is a well-respected family construction business run by two third-generation builders.

The company built much of that trust on the name alone.

But in the digital age, the directors realised that decades of building trust in the industry would mean nothing because if they weren’t meeting customers where they are right now –  in a world where digital marketing (especially through social media) is the gold standard – their hard work would go to waste.

So, even the biggest companies would struggle without a significant online presence. For new businesses, the internet becomes a great equaliser (if they get it right).

We helped Sheridan build trust by showcasing their brand online with video marketing.

Here’s how.

The video marketing strategies that construction businesses need to know.

Trust starts with transparency. The good news? Current technology makes it easy to cut through the clutter and show prospects what you can offer.

Video Business Card:

Video business cards  showcase what makes your brand unique, allowing prospective clients to get to know you and your business on a deeper level. They offer the perfect start to a prospect’s relationship with your business.


Client Testimonials:

Social proof is the understanding that we’re more confident buying something if we see others happy with the same purchase. Social proof is invaluable for building trust in the construction industry, and with big purchases like builds is a must.

To sign on the dotted line, prospective customers want to see why your previous customers are happy with your work. A testimonial video showcases the finished job, and also puts a human face to what you do and how well past clients receive it.


Project Showcase:

Showcasing past success stories sells what life after the build is like in prospective client’s minds. Prospects want to know you can deliver what they want. A project showcase acts as proof they can trust you to make their dream build come true.


Before and After Videos:

Your goal as a home builder is to make your customers’ idea of a dream home a reality. Showcasing your work through before and after videos allows you to demonstrate your expertise and show potential customers what you can do for them.

These videos are excellent at generating leads because they help prospects:

  • Understand the scope of work involved
  • See the quality of craftsmanship and materials used
  • Connect with you and your team


Process Videos:

Building a home will be one of the most significant purchases your customers will make – and the process from the initial planning stage to the finished product can be stressful.

This is where a process video is invaluable. It allows you the opportunity to offer peace of mind that the building process will be as easy as possible for them.

In their process video, Sheridan Building showcases a to-scale floor plan walkthrough. This shows prospects that they know what they are getting if they build with Sheridan.


How you can Build Trust Through Video Marketing

At DreamCube Productions, we specialise in helping construction companies build trust through video marketing.

We know the kinds of videos that work. We also pride ourselves on helping construction businesses generate leads to get strong results through video marketing.

Our “Trust Builder” package will give you everything you need to create a winning video marketing strategy that will build trust in your brand, and includes a:

  • Video business card
  • Client testimonial video
  • Project showcase video
  • Before – after video
  • Process video

To find out more or enquire about the package and how it can help build the kind of trust that will take your business from good to great, get in contact with us today.

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