The 8 Best Video Channels for Custom Home Builders

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November 17, 2020

Video is a powerful marketing tool for custom home builders to showcase their best work and bring new projects in the door.

But with countless channels available to you, how do you know where to put your videos so those who need them see them?

Here are the channels we recommend for showcasing custom builds.

Email Signature

Send a lot of emails to prospects?

This is an ideal opening to showcase who you are and what you can do.

Use your email signature to link to your most important videos, such as your brand story video and  job showcases.

Google My Business

“Google My Business” will be the first point of call for anyone who searches for you on Google, meaning it’s your chance to make a great first impression with video.


Great visuals are vital to create an engaging site that keeps your customers on your page, so video is essential on your homepage and “About Us” page.


Pinterest is often under-utilised when it comes to social media marketing, especially when it comes to the custom building space.

As a custom home builder, you should definitely consider this channel.

But it is a place online that people come to find visual inspiration, including for their dream home build.

And Pinterest’s demographics back this up as it’s overwhelmingly used by high-income, college-educated women. Perhaps most importantly, 90% of Pinterest users make a purchase decision based on using the platform.


Blog Pages

It’s almost a given that blogs are an important way to keep customers engaged, improve your search ranking and build your brand.

Incorporating video into your blogs only enhances this.

Social media blogging sites (such as Blogspot and Tumblr) are also a great way to reach a broader audience who may not otherwise land on your website.

Instagram & Facebook

While it might be stating the obvious, Facebook and Instagram are still the most important tools in your social strategy toolbox.

But is one better than the other?

Yes and no.

Facebook still has far more users than Insta, and Facebook ads (which cross over to Instagram if you have an account on both) provide you with the opportunity to target a specific audience.

But Instagram is more digestible, which is why it’s quickly catching up to its parent company in terms of importance.

So, use both, and ensure you utilise Facebook Ads to help your videos better reach your target audience.


YouTube is the gold standard for video, allowing you to post content that you can then easily share on several other platforms.

But YouTube also creates an opportunity for you to build a following due to how many people go there for inspiration.

Ensure that you’ve created a YouTube channel that matches your brand and have uploaded all your videos there.


LinkedIn is a networking site, so offers a great opportunity to expand your network and sell who you are to prospective clients.

On LinkedIn, videos that show your audience who you are and that tell your story (with some build shots in between) are going to provide the most impact.

Custom Home Builders! Start Filming High-Quality Videos for Social Media Today

Read more about the types of videos that construction companies are using to grow their reputation here.

And to get started with a comprehensive video marketing for social media plan, get in contact with us.

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