DIY Video Editing: The Perfect Way to Say Happy Father’s Day

As the entire Australia celebrates Father’s Day on Sunday, September 4, it is time to ditch the usual necktie gift idea and go make something that will appeal to Dad’s heartstrings more. Try your hands on video editing and create a superb DIY film for the dear ol’ papa.

There is no better way to impress your father on this special day than an own homemade video you made for him. Sure, it would take some of your time to create a masterpiece. However, it is also certain that giving such a gift would make him ecstatic more than any present that money can buy. Nothing will ever top a gift, which you have put your heart and soul into. Just become a father of film editing this Father’s Day.

If you are already mulling over doing this for your pop on Father’s Day but don’t have an inch of idea where to start video editing, here are some pieces of advice that might help you out.

1. Get Started.

The first thing you need to do is manage the things you would use to make the film. Would you want to use dad’s pictures, some clips of homemade videos with him in it, or a bit of both? Look into a pile of old pictures and films. You may want to consider different types of these ones. Don’t just go for fun ones or poignant photos. Use a bit of both. Once you find what you need, scan the pictures and upload them on your laptop.

2. Choose the Video Editing Software.

Take note of the keyword, software. You could always use your phone or tablet to edit the video you want to make but desktop and laptop editing is always easier to navigate. There are a ton of software you can download for free for both Mac and Windows operating systems. There are also free online video editors you can use. Whichever you choose, make sure that the editor has basic editing functions and effects needed to generate a decent film. You should be able to crop, trim, or rotate the files. You should be able to use transitions from one clip to another and add sound effects or music if need be.

3. Add Freshness.

Photo and video files are part of your dad’s past – memories he cherishes. To balance these previous memoirs, add something new to the video you are making. You may want to insert your personal message to your dad. You could also add a message from your mom, siblings, or your father’s grandkids if he has any.

4. Compile.

When you have everything you need, you can start editing your video. Don’t worry too much about how to make it. Amateur editing isn’t rocket science. You can do it! You may even find the task enjoyable.

5. Share.

The great thing about technology today is you can choose from countless of options in terms of sharing your video. However, since you are video editing the film as a gift to your dad on Father’s Day, it is best to burn it on DVD format, place it in a case, tie some ribbon around it and voila! You can hand the perfect present to the one man who means so much in your life. Become a father of film editing for your father.

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