5 Instagram Video Post Ideas for Home Builders

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February 23, 2021

Have you decided to be more active on Instagram but have no idea what to post?

After all, as a builder, your expertise lies elsewhere.

Yet, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms these days, with over 13.5 million active users in Australia. And because it is such a visual platform, it’s probably the best one to promote your services on.

Post the right content for your audience, and Instagram could help you increase your engagement and even land new clients.

So, to help you create engaging posts that resonate with homeowners, we’ve done the groundwork for you.

We’ve compiled 5 Instagram video post ideas for home builders that will boost your leads and sales.

Showcase Your Work Using Before And After

When it comes to Instagram video post ideas for home builders, we couldn’t start without talking about actually showcasing your work.

Every year, you work on incredible projects providing your clients with their dream homes. So, why not show the world what you’re capable of?

As a builder, showcasing your build is, without a doubt, your most powerful marketing tool. After all, there’s a reason shows like The Block are so popular!

All you need to do is record the build before you start working on the project, during, and after.
Publishing a compelling video showcasing the build before, some snippets of the process, and the final results will keep your audience glued to their screens. And it’s a surefire way to get them to check out your page for more incredible transformation content!

Here’s a before/after video we made for Demardi that really showcases the amazing transformation of one of their renovation projects.

Here’s a process video we made for Sheridan Building, helping them to boost their new Instagram account followers after the change.

Introduce Your Team

For your clients, building a home is not only one of the most significant purchases they will ever make, but it’s also their dream come true. Therefore, they’re both financially and emotionally invested.

That’s why it’s so important that your prospective clients get to know you. Before placing their dream into your hands, they need to know who will be building or renovating their home and whether they’re passionate about what they do.

And what better way to showcase your passion and connect on an emotional level with your clients than by making a “meet our team” video showcasing your team having fun and exhibiting passion and professionalism while working together on projects?

A “meet our team” video will help your audience get to know your team better and create an emotional bond with you. This way, when they meet you for the first time, they’ll feel as if they already know a bit about you, your team, and how passionate you are about your work.

Here’s a lighthearted crew video we did for again, our good friends at Demardi.

And you could even make a video asking your staff to describe your company in one word to help prospective clients get to know what your company is all about.

Show The Behind-The-Builds

Behind-the-scenes videos give your audience a window into who you are and how you work. They show the process that goes into your builds and allow you to showcase your craftsmanship and personality as a brand and as a team.

A great behind-the-scenes video will make you appear more authentic and approachable. And it will also allow you to alleviate the prospect’s anxieties about how you handle the nitty-gritty.

Here’s an example of a behind-the-builds video we recently shot, showing the building process and sharing the story behind it.

Use Bloopers To Bond With Your Audience

There’s no easier and more effective way to inject some fun into your Instagram feed than via a blooper reel!

Not comfortable in front of a camera? Often have to repeat the same sentences three times before getting it right?

Did one of the scenes you were going to shoot completely fail because you couldn’t perform the task properly?


Share it with your audience!

This will show your viewers that you’re a human, just like them and that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Making viewers laugh is the most powerful tool in a marketer’s toolbox. So, share your bloopers without moderation.

Believe us, bloopers work really well, and they even give some people a reason to want to play around on purpose during filming!

5. FAQ Videos: For When There Are No Stupid Questions…

Now, onto a more serious topic.

Your prospects will probably have a million questions when planning their new home build. After all, it’s a significant investment!

And it’s only when they have those answers that they will think about signing on the dotted line and engaging you to build their new custom home.

Now, as a professional builder, you’ve probably heard the same questions repeatedly.
Why not answer them via an Instagram Reel with FAQ videos?

FAQ videos save you time and allow you to show prospects how you tackle each issue or area of concern.

Here’s an example answering the very common question: ‘’how to measure my space’’?

So, what’s next for home building construction business?

Now that you have some great Instagram post ideas, it is time to create your video library.
The key to a successful Instagram account is consistency. Creating a video library for your company’s Instagram account is essential to create a sense of consistency with your viewers, build your brand, and turn followers and engagement into qualified leads.

By applying these Instagram post ideas for home builders to your own feed, your posts have the power to help position you as an expert.

Supercharge Your Growth With Our Client Attraction System

Does the idea of creating engaging Instagram Reels and videos that will resonate with your audience feel daunting?

DreamCube’s “client attraction system” was designed to help home building construction businesses attract a consistent flow of dream clients by creating engaging videos, including Instagram Reels.

Now, you don’t need to do it all alone. We’d love to help you kick-start your Instagram marketing and grow your business through video marketing.

So, whether you’d like to find out more about our “client attraction system” and how it can help you attract highly qualified and game-changing clients or simply discuss your projects, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today

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