5 Instagram Video Post Ideas for Home Builders

5 Instagram Video Post Ideas for Home Builders

When it comes to promoting your home building construction business in 2021, there’s no denying the power of Instagram video.

While Facebook remains the preeminent social network, this is slowly changing and Instagram is the more popular social network among Gen Z.

Due to Instagram’s visual nature, primarily via an app, it’s the perfect place for home builders and other construction businesses to wow prospects with inspiration for their dream home.

But promoting your home building construction business is more than just pretty pictures and videos of your work, even if a necessary aspect of it.

In fact, Instagram’s most successful home builders have several videos in their arsenal.

Here are our top 5 Instagram post ideas for home builders.

1. Trust the Process

When it comes to Instagram post ideas for home builders, we had to start by addressing the elephant in the room.

For builders, one of your most potent marketing tools is showcasing your builds.

And when scrolling through your feed, it’s hard to keep scrolling when you stumble on a building process video. It’s human nature!

Which is precisely what process videos help you achieve – keeping your audience glued to your Instagram feed on their screen.

Here’s a process video we made for Sheridan Building, helping them to boost their new Instagram account followers after the change.

2. Crew Love for Home Building Construction Business

For your customers, a home build will not only be one of the most significant purchases they will make but also one that is as much an emotional investment as it is a financial one.

So, it’s essential that prospects get to know who is building their home.

And what better way to do that than to make a crew video?

A great video helps your audience get to know your team better so that when prospects meet you for the first time, they already know who they’ll be working with.

Here’s one we did for Demardi.

3. Behind The Builds

VH1’s hugely successful “Behind the Music” helped us get to know our favourite artists better.

Why not take inspiration from the iconic TV series and become the rockstars of the building world!

Behind-the-scenes videos give your audience a window into who you are and how you work.

A great behind-the-scenes video will not only make you more transparent and approachable. It will also offer the opportunity to alleviate prospect’s anxieties about how you handle the nitty-gritty.

4. Bloopers: The Only Mistakes Your Prospects Won’t Mind You Making!

There’s no easier way to inject some fun into your Instagram feed than via a blooper reel!

When getting started with video marketing, you don’t want to be seen as the robot reading off a script that takes things too seriously.

Bloopers humanise you and your business, letting your audience know you’re a real person.

And they work so well, that they even give my clients a reason to want to goof off on purpose during filming!

5. FAQ Videos: For When There are No Stupid Questions…

Now, onto the more serious topic.

You know your prospects will have a million questions when they are planning their new home build.

And it’s only when they have those answers that they will think about signing on the dotted line and engaging you to build a new custom home.

You’ve probably heard the same questions time and time again.

Why not answer them on Instagram with an FAQ video?

FAQ videos save you time and allow you to show prospects how you go about it.

So, what’s next for home building construction business?

Now that you have some great Instagram post ideas, it is time to create your video library.

Creating a video library for your company’s Instagram account is essential to build your brand and turn follows and engagement into qualified leads.

By applying these Instagram post ideas for home builders to your own feed, your posts have the power to position you as an expert.

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