Professional Video Editing Services FAQ: What Businesses Need to Know

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A video editor wearing headphones is focused on editing footage on a computer with a large screen, reflecting the meticulous and concentrated environment of professional video editing services.
June 07, 2021

Professional video editing services are a crucial piece of the marketing puzzle.

When video marketing was in its infancy, businesses could get away with posting raw, unedited footage.

However, like every other aspect of online marketing, video is constantly evolving, and public expectations of professionally produced video are now much greater.

So, if your business wants to cut through the clutter and reach customers via video content production, professional video editing services are a must.

Here are some answers to the questions we most often get asked about professional video  editing services.

How much do professional video editing services cost?

There is no clear-cut answer for this because no two videos are the same – or at least they shouldn’t be!

A common misconception is that the longer the video, the more the editing will cost. Companies that price corporate video editing this way offer a cookie-cutter service that may not do justice to your videos.

DreamCube treats every client’s professional video editing needs as unique, so to get an accurate estimate for the videos you want to produce, contact us.

How long should editing take?

How long videos take to edit will depend on what is involved.

Video editing is more than just putting clips together. There are many elements that go into high-quality video editing. They can include:

  • The soundtrack
  • Text graphics and titles
  • Sound effects
  • Audio mixing
  • Viewing
  • Overlay
  • Sequencing
  • Colour grading
  • Gathering media
  • Organising the timeline
  • Rendering
  • Importing and exporting

Some videos take several hours to edit; some take less.

And just like when it comes to pricing, the length of the video isn’t always a good indicator of how long it will take to edit.

If you want an accurate estimate of how long it will take to edit the types of videos you want to produce, fill out our contact form.

I shot video footage myself and need professional video editing. Where do I go?

As a video marketing company, we provide a full video production service, from the original shoot to the final edit.

This is because we want all our clients to get the most bang for their buck through a professional high-quality video that is shot with our in-depth video marketing knowledge. Plus, there won’t be a huge cost difference, especially considering you’ll get a streamlined and professional project the whole way through.

However, if you have some phone footage lying around or want to shoot videos yourself to cut costs, we recommend heading to Upwork or Fiverr. There, you can find excellent low-cost professional video editing services.

Enquire about our corporate video editing services

Do you have an excellent idea for a video but don’t know where to start with video marketing? Get professional advice from the expert team at DreamCube. Get in contact with us today and let’s work together to grow your business through video.

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