Top 25 Video Marketing Blogs to Follow Now

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March 08, 2022

Staying relevant in the fast-paced marketing world can be challenging.

After all, as a business owner juggling a million things at once, it can be difficult to keep up with ever-changing marketing and consumer trends.

We get it.

Yet, staying on top of your marketing game can help you better connect with your audience and stand out from the competition. By understanding what consumers want right now, you can adjust your marketing strategy, so it resonates perfectly with your target market. And this can significantly boost your sales and help establish your company as a leader in its space.

So, to streamline the process and help you make the most of your marketing efforts in 2024, we’ve listed below our picks for the 25 marketing blogs you need to follow right now.


Vidyard is a video hosting and video creation platform that allows sales reps, business owners, and marketers to break through the noise and increase their sales using video marketing.

Now, in 2022, a powerful video marketing strategy is a no-brainer for businesses looking to grow. And Vidyard knows it. That’s why the company also runs one of the best video marketing blogs out there.

Whether you’re looking for the latest video marketing trends, sales video inspiration, or tips on producing engaging and relevant content, Vidyard’s blog has got you covered. We particularly like their guides on video marketing!

Hubspot is a leading marketing, sales and customer relationship management platform. And the company’s services have one critical goal: helping businesses increase their sales using the latest marketing trends and tools. That’s why the company has created a platform for its customers to create, host, customise, and measure their videos’ performance.

And the great thing about Hubspot is that the team regularly publishes content about a wide range of topics. These include marketing trends, entrepreneurship, and sales tips. So, if you’re looking for marketing blogs with fresh, up-to-date marketing tips and trends to help you fine-tune your marketing strategy, make sure to check Hubspot! For instance, one of their latest video blogs is a must-read.


Wistia is a video hosting platform aiming to help busy professionals turn their ‘’videos and podcasts into marketing machines’’.

The blog is a well of knowledge and is split into six categories, such as marketing and video production. This makes it easier for readers to navigate. The blog section brims with expert tips providing insights into leveraging video marketing for the best results.

But what we like the most about Wistia is their in-house and in-depth marketing reports, including their annual State of Video Report and Guide to Video Marketing.

Dreamcube Production

If you’re reading this article, it means that you’ve landed on our blog post so let us introduce ourselves.

Dreamcube production is a Melbourne-based video production company. We specialise in the creation of high-quality and compelling video content for businesses looking to better engage with their audience.

And to support our clients and readers in the best way possible, we also have a team of industry experts writing about all things video marketing.

From tips on optimising your videos for social media to video inspiration and the , the expert insights we regularly publish in the blog section are designed to help you nail your video marketing strategy.


SproutVideo is a well-established live and on-demand hosting video platform for businesses.

What makes SproutVideo one of the best video marketing blogs available on the internet is the amount of resources you’ll find under the blog home section.

Whether you’re after video marketing tips, tutorials on video production, or social media video trends, chances are you’ll find what you need on SproutVideo’s blog.

Vimeo Blog

Vimeo is a top-class online video hosting and sharing platform that powers billions of views every year.

So, it comes as no surprise that their blog always features in the top video marketing blogs for professionals looking to step up their video game.

Vimeo’s blog is all about tips on video marketing, monetisation, and inspiration. That means that along with tips on producing top-notch video content, you’ll also be able to find brands’ success stories and the best techniques and tools to increase your sales with video.


Biteable defines itself as ‘’the world’s simplest video maker’’. And as such, it delivers many pre-animated scenes and pre-made video templates for easy-to-customise videos. The blog section is split into different categories, including:

The ‘’video tips’’ section answers all the questions marketers can have about creating engaging and well-optimised videos. And the ‘’topics’’ section features comprehensive guides about Facebook ads, Facebook marketing, or video marketing. This makes Biteable a one-stop-shop for all your video needs.A screenshot of the Biteable Blog homepage with the header "Biteable Blog - All about video. Direct from the Biteable brain to you." Below is a section titled "Topics" with featured blog post categories presented in colorful tiles: "Video marketing" in pink, "Facebook marketing" in yellow, "Video for HR" in dark blue, and "Facebook Ads" in light blue, each accompanied by their own subtitle and an image of a person related to the content. The website has a clean, modern design with a simple top navigation menu and a purple background for the header area.

Tubular Labs

What if you could unlock the secrets behind successful social media videos?

This way, you could always be one step ahead.

Well, that’s exactly what Tubular Labs promises.

Tubular Labs’ software allows the company to screen social media video content, identify new categories, monitor shifting consumer behaviour, and spot trends early on. So, as you can imagine, the data-focused company’s blog is a mine of information for marketers looking for data-backed video insights.

While the blog features articles about digital marketing in general, the amount of video marketing articles is pretty impressive. From video trends and video marketing tips to video monetisation and advertising, there’s more than enough to keep you on top of your video marketing game!

Wave.Video is an online video maker that also offers video hosting and live streaming services.

The blog is conveniently organised by categories, including:

  • Live streaming
  • Video marketing
  • Video hosting
  • Social media videos
  • Video editing

This allows busy business owners and marketers to quickly find the information they’re after.

The blog is extremely active, meaning that fresh content gets published regularly. It spans from how-tos and guides on video production to video ideas and live video trends!


Brid.TV is a premium online video platform offering video hosting and low-latency live streaming. It was also designed to allow content creators to monetise their video content.

The blog features a wide array of articles spanning from creating highly shareable content to video ideas for your future video marketing campaigns.


Wyzowl is one of the world’s leading animated explainer video companies. And as a leading business in the video production space, the amount of expert insights and advice you’ll find on Wyzowl’s blog section is incredible.

But what makes Wyzowl one of the best video blogs is the way you can search articles based on your goals as a business.

For instance, articles published under the ‘’attract’’ section provide information about gaining traction with potential customers. On the other hand, articles published under the ‘’explain’’ section are designed to teach you a specific skill around video creation.


Lemonlight is a world-class video production company for brands and agencies. So, naturally, the blog is well-maintained with relevant and actionable video marketing tips regularly uploaded. This, in turn, enables readers to keep up-to-date with the latest video trends and tools.

The blog is particularly big on video marketing ideas, video production tips, and guides on how to maximise your video marketing efforts.

CoSchedule – Video Marketing Blogs

CoSchedule is a leading provider of content calendars, content optimization and marketing education products. And as such, the CoSchedule blog is a mine of information regarding all things digital marketing. The categories featured on CoSchedule encompass

  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing workflow
  • Analytics and much more.

In addition to publishing highly relevant how-to articles, the website also delivers free marketing strategy guides to help you learn everything you need to know to maximise your marketing efforts.

Shakr -Video Marketing Blogs

Shakr is a video automation tool designed to help companies boost their marketing campaign’s ROI.

The blog features many guides and countless tips about video and video ad marketing, social media marketing, and Facebook marketing. And it also provides busy marketers with case studies for great video inspiration.

Wideo – Video Marketing Blogs

Wideo is an online animated marketing video creation platform for small and medium-sized businesses and digital agencies. It allows businesses to create professional-looking videos easily.

Now, why has the Wideo blog made it to our list of the top 25 video marketing blogs you ask?

Because it features a ton of valuable resources about video trends and video marketing in general. For instance, you’ll learn practical things such as how to create a personalized video and or a mobile app demo video.

MarTech – Video Marketing Blogs

MarTech’s blog posts span from performance marketing and digital experiences to video marketing trends, and hot news.

The team published new articles daily to allow marketers to keep up to date with the latest trends, marketing technology, and tactics. This way, they can implement successful video marketing strategies.

The pieces range anywhere from YouTube and Instagram’s latest video features to apps that can help businesses increase their video ad revenue.

Social Media Examiner – Video Marketing Blogs

Getting overwhelmed with the ever-changing social media jungle?

If that’s the case, browsing Social Media Examiner’s blog section could help you quickly understand these changes and easily fine-tune your social media marketing strategy accordingly.

As you may have guessed, Social Media Examiner heavily focuses on social media marketing. And it’s without a doubt one of the best marketing blogs you’ll find.

Because every day, Social Media Examiner’s marketing experts publish eye-opening articles and reports about the state of the social media marketing space. Every important channel is covered, from the latest Instagram and YouTube trends to LinkedIn and TikTok marketing tips. And this, in turn, helps thousands of brands and agencies create content that resonates with their audience and increase their sales.

Social Media Today – Video Marketing Blogs

Just like Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today focuses on delivering the latest social media trends. And it also provides some practical tips to marketers and content creators. The blog is organised into four different sections including:

  • Content marketing
  • Digital strategy
  • Social marketing
  • Social media updates

Brightcove Blog – Video Marketing Blogs

Brightcove is an online video platform allowing businesses and content creators to upload their video library and monetise their video content quickly.

As a pioneer in the online video world, the company relies on a highly skilled team of video marketing professionals who regularly craft and publish amazing insights for their readers. These include:

  • Video marketing guides
  • Brand success stories
  • General tips and tricks to help you master your video marketing strategy.

We particularly recommend their guide called ‘’video can engage key prospects at every stage of their journey

Hippo Video – Video Marketing Blogs

Hippo Video specialises in the personalisation and distribution of video to help brands and companies increase their brand awareness and sales. The company has worked with over 5000 clients worldwide so far, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the video marketing space.

The blog section covers a wide range of video marketing topics. It’s organised into six categories making it easy for readers to stay up to date with the latest developments in the online video space.

Through the blog, you’ll learn the ins and outs of video personalisation, how to run effective video marketing campaigns and much more!

Content Marketing Institute – Video Marketing Blogs

The content marketing institute is a leading marketing educational and research platform. It was designed to help brands and companies attract and retain customers through various marketing channels.

Although not simply focused on video marketing, Content Marketing Institute is one of the best marketing blogs to understand the latest digital marketing trends and stay ahead of the curve. The blog section features many high-level articles designed to provides marketers with the the tools, techniques and knowledge they need to achieve their sales and marketing goals. And they even have a video and visual section specifically covering video marketing related topics.

DaCast – Video Marketing Blogs

DaCast is a live streaming video platform created to help companies broadcast and host on-demand and live content.

The blog covers plenty of technical video-related topics such as:

Buffer – Video Marketing Blogs

With thousands of marketers using the company’s software, Buffer has rapidly become one of the most well-known social media scheduling tools on the planet.

So, it’s only natural that the blog has a heavy focus on social media marketing tips. But that’s not all!

The comprehensive blog covers many other categories including video marketing. Some of our favourite pieces are :

Later – Video Marketing Blogs

We couldn’t write an article about the best marketing blogs without mentioning Later!

Just like Buffer, Later provides brands and content creators with a convenient social media scheduling tool allowing them to save time and stay consistent on social media.

Later’s blog was designed to help companies stay up to date with the latest best practices on social media platforms. The blog is organised around specific categories allowing you to choose the social media platform you’re interested in. For instance, the ‘’video strategy’’ section is packed with tips on how to create engaging videos. And it also features insightful articles such as top trends in the online video world.

Think With Google

And we decided to finish this article about the best marketing and video blogs with Google!

After all, nobody can give you insights into consumer behaviours and digital marketing trends better than the American giant.

The platform overflows with information about the latest marketing trends and tools that brands should know about. And it also features in-depth analysis of successful marketing strategies.

And that’s a wrap!

At DreamCube Productions, we’re passionate about video production and video marketing. But that’s not all we care about. We also love helping our clients design and create successful videos for their channels. So, whether you need our help for a small project or a bigger enterprise, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We always keep our cameras rolling 😉

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